Nailed It!

Having nail art done can be very exciting to style-conscious students. Many get their nails done to get different styles, shapes, and colors. Expressing oneself with nail art can be a fun way to boost confidence, as most feel better with their nails being done and always looking good, rather than boring and plain.

“I definitely feel more confident after I get my nails done. They make me feel powerful. I get my nails done at a salon, but I do like press-ons too. Press-ons, in my opinion, are a lifesaver when I don’t have enough time to get my nails done in a salon or when I just want cute nails for a day or two. I like having my nails somewhere in the middle of long and short. Long nails are way too difficult to work with and most of my schoolwork is on my laptop. Long nails definitely complicate my day-to-day life,” freshman Victoria Irizarry said.

“Yes, getting my nails done does make me feel more confident. Whenever I go to a salon, I ask for short French tip nails because I do cheer and we’re not allowed to have long nails.  I love the way my final result always looks. I also get them short because I struggle with everything more when I have longer nails, for example, I can’t open a can of soda well, and texting becomes really difficult,” freshman Kimora Burke said.

Freshman Lily Lucero stands by her opinion that nails aren’t the top key to boosting her confidence.

“Getting my nails done doesn’t really make me more confident because me before getting my nails done and after doesn’t really change how I feel personally. I could see how it would make someone more confident but for my own part, I just get my nails done to make my boring nails a little less mundane. I go to a professional to get my nails done; I go to Urban Nails. I personally like to keep my nails a bit more on the longer side but not too long, sometimes I find it frustrating to type on a keyboard with long nails, although I also find it frustrating to type on a keyboard on my phone with short nails,” Lucero said.

Nail art isn’t just a confidence booster to some people but it is also really fascinating to look at. Having your nails done is most likely something to get used to with your day-to-day actions if you aren’t already familiar with having longer nails.

“I like my nails being long because I get to see the nail art better. I also learned how to adapt well with my long nails, like with typing on a computer and my phone,” freshman Ayaa Mohamed said.

There are many different less expensive options to having good salon-looking nails, whether it’s buying nail supplies online or in a low-priced store.

“I personally prefer my nails not to be too long, but also not too short. I’ve been trying out Gel X nails which you can order from Amazon, and do yourself. They’re much cheaper than getting them done at a salon and if you keep practicing they can look very professional,” freshman Celine Sakatan said.