2020-2021 Staff

Audrey Peters

Audrey Peters is a freshman at Osbourn. She enjoys writing, reading, traveling, watching (and rewatching) her favorite shows, eating, and spending time with friends and family. 

Veniel Dabipi


Hi, my name is Veniel Dabipi and I am a Sophomore at OHS. This will be my second year being apart of the Osbourn Newspaper. The reason I decided to do newspaper last year was mainly because I've always been interested in photography and newspaper allowed me to explore that...

Elizabeth Ledesma


Hello! I am in the sophomore class and this is my first year writing for the Newspaper. I am in love with all things Anime, Disney, and Horror. Such as, Haikyuu, Lilo & Stich, and IT. Trust me, I am the biggest Stitch, Kageyama, and Pennywise lover you will ever meet. ...

Laaibah Tayyeb


Laaibah Tayyeb is a junior and has been a part of The Talon since freshman year. Besides writing, she spends her free time baking deserts, riding her bike, and sleeping.

Indi Stephenson


My name is India but I go by Indi. I am a sophomore. I love to write whether its creative or informational. ...

Leila Hogan


Hello, my name is Leila. I'm in 11th Grade with many goals. I enjoy listening to music and reading. My favorite subject in school is science and I also enjoy writing.

Michey Nolasco


This is Michey's second year in Journalism. Michey is currently on the Girls Varsity Soccer & Track team. During Michey's free time she enjoys playing and cuddling with both of her cats, Dobi and Ollie....

Clara Hernandez-Figueroa


Clara is a 5'8 newspaper writer who loves to hit the gym. This is her second year being part of the newspaper crew. She loves to bake; she make's the best cake pops. She has a dog named Simba who is disabled. He has a dysfunctional...

Margie Martinez


Margie Martinez is a senior writer with four years of experience under her belt. When you see her in public, you can guarantee her clothes will be on point. She's an avid music enthusiast and can whip up a tubular playlist fast...

Chamani McCuin


"Hi my name is Chamani, My favorite food is Spaghetti and I have been in Newspaper for 2 ½ years now, I started out as a freshmen. I am kinda shy when it comes to talking to people which is why I always have my cousins with me. I'm 15 and...