A Whole New World: Freshmen Adjust to High School Life

For freshman, high school can be many things: stressful, exciting, boring, or a chance to try new things. It can be a big switch for most ninth graders, there are more opportunities to try new classes and sports and to join new clubs. Freshman year can also be scary for some people; the thought of attending a whole different school, not knowing your way around, and the increase in workload could intimidate anyone.

It is obvious that high school is more challenging than middle school, and aside from the basic challenges of being a freshman also comes a new level of responsibility. High School requires better organizational skills, more focus, and more effort.

For freshmen, just walking into the school on the first day can be stressful.  “I felt overwhelmed when I first came in because of all the older students. I was also really nervous knowing that all of my classes were going to be almost 90 minutes long,” said freshman Maya Lucero.

Some ninth graders also felt homesick for middle school for so many different reasons. Going from middle school to high school is a big switch, with a lot of new people, and all of the new rules that didn’t really exist in middle school, “I miss the classes being shorter and all the friends I had,” said freshman Kunta Acharya.

“I really liked my English teacher from last year at Metz, Mrs. Schoenberger. The IH kids are my favorite from Metz because they are funny. I also really liked how awesome the principal at Metz was last year; he used to do funny things. The IH kids and the principal are still here at Osbourn this year. Finally,  there’s a lot less drama so I think I’ll like that I guess and everybody here is mature, somewhat.” said freshman Alice Hertz.

“The teachers, and lunch time were my favorite from last year because I like how they were separated lunches and organized by class. My classes were also my favorite throughout the year. I love Osbourn’s lunch because I like that they have ice cream, and more of a variety of food to choose from during your lunch. I think I’ll find some more favorites this year. I was only at Metz in 7th grade online and 8th grade in person,” said freshman Kunta Acharya.

“I liked the advisory in the morning at Metz. I also liked that the classes were shorter and we had 8 periods. Lastly, I liked that the hallways were less crowded at Metz than at Osbourn, because in high school, hallways feel like they are always packed with students,” said freshman Paola Almazan.

While starting high school can be scary, it can also be fun. High school helps students lead, collaborate, be creative, and innovative. Students have so many options in what classes they want to take, plus there are so many different activities that fit everyone’s interests. “I was interested in learning about the new clubs, and I like how there are a lot more sport options,” said freshman Ivannia Moore.

Before coming to Osbourn High School, most students went to Metz Middle School. Typically middle schools are smaller than most high schools, which means freshmen have one more thing to get used to. “I actually like how the building is way bigger, and I like how there’s two different buildings,” said freshman Gwendolyn Boles.

“I felt nervous when I first walked into Osbourn high school and I was scared of getting lost in the hallways. I think Osbourn is better than Metz because it feels more inclusive and safer, so I feel more comfortable here than I did in middle school. I think I’ll like the way the classes are structured better here at Osbourn, because at Metz I felt like the classes were smaller. At Osbourn, I think the organization of everything is better, and I really enjoy that they have more possibilities and opportunities for everyone,”  Acharya said.

“My favorite things about Metz were how it gave me the opportunity to meet the most wonderful friends, the chance to test my knowledge, and the many activities we could participate in, such as clubs and sports. When I transitioned to Osbourn, these things honestly stayed the same. I still have my great friends, and I have made a few more. Due to being in the IH program here, it is challenging but very worth it to me. I have the chance to strengthen my knowledge daily. Many clubs and sports are offered here at Osbourn, and I am very grateful for that because there are possibilities for me to try out the new sports and extracurriculars. In my opinion, Osbourn High School is already looking better than Metz Middle School because of all the opportunities and possibilities for my future,” concluded Boles.

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