Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club members are starting soon in the spring, but what is Volleyball Club? Many students just see it as a meeting where people talk about volleyball, or where members play volleyball after school; but this club has much more beneath the surface. Members meet once a week after school in the auxiliary gym and begin with warm-ups and drills. After this, is where the fun starts.

“We start with warm-ups and then transition into games. On special occasions, we will have mini-tournaments that are organized in a knock-out style. Our club was founded by volleyball players that wanted to increase interest in the sport. Due to this, our members are always helping each other and sharing their knowledge,” said Mr. Edwards, an English teacher and the sponsor of the Volleyball Club. 

Students enjoy the light-heartedness of just being with friends and playing a sport they love, while also being open to meeting new people and teaching the game to new members. 

“Our club is designed to be welcoming to everyone because it is a co-ed club. We want everyone to feel welcome to try playing volleyball—whether they be beginners or experienced players,” said Mr. Edwards