As the school year starts, clubs and after-school activities have begun. OHS has a variety of after-school activities which are available to any student at the school. If a student is interested in being a leader and representing both their class and the school. Students can join the student council association, a club run by Mr. Whitley. 

 “The student council association and its officers from all four classes and its executive officer serve and show what student leadership is,” said SCA sponsor Mr. Whitley. 

Even though the SCA has sponsors, it also has officers which are students from OHS.

“My role in this club is to represent the freshman class, and whenever we do competitions, like window painting, we worked on that. There is a lot of voting as well to come to decisions,” said freshmen officer Madina Habib.

The SCA also mostly focuses on the homecoming dance and the spirit week leading into it. As the years have gone the SCA has tried its best to improve each year’s dance. 

“My plans for the student council this year are to continue to improve the homecoming dance and spirit week. We had over 800 students attend homecoming this year and last year as well. Along with SCA, leadership classes want to get more involved with all the schools here in Manassas,” said Mr. Whitley.

The SCA is not limited to certain students. Anyone who wants to join can join! Students get the opportunity to make their experience better and make friendships along the way.

“If students want to play a part in improving the school and their high school experience here at Osbourn, that is what SCA does. We get deeply involved with homecoming and pep rallies and much more. We are always up for suggestions,” said Mr. Whitley.

The SCA here at Osbourn has done a lot for its students and deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication. The SCA holds most of its meetings after school on Thursdays and is looking forward to more students collaborating with them.