K-pop Club

K-pop club is one of the many clubs offered here at OHS. K-pop is modern Korean music. In this club, the members can listen, dance, and enjoy the music together. The club is sponsored by art teacher Ms. O’ Brokta. K-pop club has a president too; her name is Victoria Hanback.

“Students should join because it is a fun, diverse environment and it definitely helps you express who you are without being judged,” said K-pop club president, Victoria Hanback.

The club plans to perform K-pop dances and show off their moves throughout this year, just like at the Homecoming pep rally! They will perform dances with a variety of K-pop songs.

“The club plan is to perform in more shows and such and build more of a community,” said Victoria.

K-pop club is a safe place for people to share their common interests, make new friends, and listen, to and dance to K-pop music.