Color Guard/Winter Guard

The sponsor of the Color Guard is Mr. Tristen Nettles. The captain is senior Neveah Williams.

Color/Winter Guard is a learning experience and a good bonding connection for someone who joins. Members create routines using flags and rifles and perform alongside the marching band. This club is feasible for students who love hands-on participation and is welcome to any kinaesthetic learners. In this club, members can enjoy time together, be creative with their skills, and learn new techniques for participating in the color and winter guard.

“Color Guard is technically a club, and we have plenty of fun communicating with others and learning skills,” said freshman Shayna Schreibman.

“My experience has been a roller coaster in Color Guard. I made great friends, stepped out of my comfort zone, and learned how to be a decent leader. I’ve learned and grown a lot in my four years of Color Guard. You don’t think a lot would happen in such a place, but you tend to meet and connect with all kinds of people. This club doesn’t just teach you how to spin a flag/rifle, it teaches you how to be a team, and accept everyone no matter what because all are welcome. It’s a safe place that I hope to share and pass down,” concluded Williams.