Teachers Can Truly Make An Impact

How do teachers impact their students?

Teachers can change your way of thinking about a subject, teach you new information, or just generally brighten your day.

“Teachers sometimes can change my way of thinking about a subject or can put me in a better mood when they help me with my work.  That makes my day better,” said senior Alexis Valdez.

“Teachers advise on their different ideas from experience. They tell you to take deep breaths and concentrate. When we are having hard times, teachers realize it because of our emotions and how we’re acting; they will pull you aside and help you the best they can, I think one of the teachers who has helped me out a lot has been Mrs. Washburg,” said sophomore Diana Reyes.

”Teachers make me feel happy with the comments or feedback that they give me, for example, a positive comment they can make on your work saying that you did a great job. Teachers make me feel better, like not stressed out about the work. They comfort me when they say I will get there if I just do the best I can,” explained Valdez.

” Once I didn’t understand algebra and my teacher stayed with me until I understood. She was so kind about it, was always so positive and I will never forget how she treated me and the other students. She always supported me, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her. She made me so happy when I had a bad day, so  I’m thankful to her. I learned a lot from her. The teacher was Dr. Munive. Anyways, I’m very thankful to her,“ said sophomore Keyla Turcios.

“One of my favorite teachers at Osbourn is Mr. Smith.  I had him last year and he was really helpful. He helped me turn in my work when I didn’t have the motivation to do it,” said senior Alejandra Portillo.

“Mrs. Fitzgerald is one of the teachers who has helped me. Last year she would always help me with my work that I didn’t understand and she was there to guide me, and that’s what I really liked about her,” said Valdez.

”One time when I was sad because of personal things my teacher asked me if I was okay, and I told them I was fine even though I wasn’t and she just looked at me with a sweet smile. I don’t have her anymore but I miss her a lot.” said junior, Rosa Franco.

Teachers have impacted these students positively through their comments, their actions, and by just being supportive. How has a teacher impacted you?