Headphones During Class: A Good Idea Or a Nuisance to Teachers?

Students are seen wearing headphones during the school day. There are a variety of different types of headphones that everyone likes to wear. Beats, Airpods, Sonys, Bose, and JBL, are all popular brands. You can find these online or get them in stores. When you see people out in public wearing headphones, it’s not always because they are currently listening to music. It is sometimes out of habit.

“Yeah it’s very often that I always have at least one of my Airpods on, and I’m not always listening to music. It’s just out of habit. I wear them so often that it feels weird and empty when I’m not wearing them around the school. It’s like when you leave the house and you feel like you forgot something, but you can’t tell what it is, so you stress out about it and feel so on edge and uneasy about the whole thing,” said senior Michell Galdamez. 

Listening to music can change someone’s mood quickly. It can make you go from happy to sad. It tunes out everything else and you focus on music and music alone, so using the right headphones is very important.

“I love how the bass sounds so strong, but not too strong to where it hurts my ears. I can feel the bass vibrate in my headphones. It’s literally so cool,” said freshman Katie Meyer.

Everyone has specific things they could be looking for when buying headphones. Some might want to get them mostly based on the comfort they bring or the quality.

“I chose these Airpods because everyone was buying them and I wanted to see what the hype was about, and when I got them, it felt like such a good decision because of the noise cancellation and being able to touch, swipe, and adjust the volume on the Airpods,” said sophomore Leslie Escobar.

Although these headphones are a great thing to own, it’s not always great to wear them during class because teachers have the tendency to ask students to take them out.

“Yeah, teachers do ask me to take them off. Then they give this lecture as to why we should take them out and stuff, which is a little annoying because I take them out right away, and then they cause a whole scene,” said freshman Katie Meyer.

It isn’t always noticeable when students have headphones on. Many students use their hair or hood to cover them up.

“Yeah I’ve seen teachers ask the students to take out their Airpods, and then I see them take one out and they leave the other one on and cover it with their hood and hair,” said senior Michell Galdamez.  

“Yeah, my hair is long enough to hide my Airpods, so teachers never ask me to take them out. But I don’t always realize they are on because I’m just used to having them on all the time,” said sophomore Leslie Escobar.

“I won’t lie. I’ve also done that too with my hair- where I’d cover it up but I don’t do it to be disrespectful. I just have teachers who can be strict and even when we are working on something individually, they still want me to take them out. I just work better with music, otherwise, I can’t get anything done,” said senior Michell Galdamez.