2022 Homecoming: Talkin’ ’bout the Tailgate!

Osbourn hosted the 2022 Homecoming Tailgate last Friday night. Held in the staff parking lot from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., it was an opportunity to celebrate Osbourn pride and make lasting memories. Clubs and sports teams worked hard setting up and running booths, the profits of which went to supporting their members. K-pop, field hockey, robotics, swim, art and set design; even CTE classes such as Mr. Riley’s Auto Tech and Mrs. Dotivala’s Cosmetology participated.

“My favorite booth was cosmetology where they did henna and face paint. I find a lot of interest in that,” said freshman Sarah Hill.

“[My favorite was] field hockey, for sure. I love seeing them practice their skills and use their sticks,” said senior Jacqueline Linares. It turns out the tailgate was not only a recreational event but also a chance to explore the many extracurriculars that OHS has to offer.

Another popular activity was the dunk tank. Prior to the tailgate, students voted for teachers and staff members whom they would like to see plunged into a giant tank of water. On Friday, Mr. Ball, Mr. Jaffrey, Ms. Grant, Mrs. Megee, Ms. Nguyen, and Mr. Pflugrath took turns sitting in the dunk seat, where they remained at the mercy of the students.

“I was the first to hit Mrs. Megee. After that, she chased me and said I could take a picture with her if I gave her a hug. I was soaking wet because of her, but it was a really fun experience,” shared Linares.

The tailgate deepened the strength and love of the OHS community.

“I smelled a lot of delicious food… the snow cones, which were so great. I smelled the field hockey bake sale. They made cakes and pasteles,” said Linares, “I heard all the voices of everyone getting excited to dunk the teachers.”

Students left with many happy memories that night. Here’s to Rocha for reminding us all of what is most important. “It’s like what Mr. Pflugrath always says: ‘One Osbourn’.”