Homecoming 2022: Glitz and Glam

Homecoming is something most high schoolers look forward to. Spirit week, the football game, the dance, all of it is really exciting. Homecoming dates were announced about a month ago. Many students were counting down the days until it finally arrived on the week of September 19th through September 24th.

On the day of the dance, September 24th, students were eager to get on the dance floor! “Glitz and Glam” was the theme of the dance. The dance was held in the OHS Main Gym. Students showed up in beautiful, sparkly dresses and suits. There were flashing lights, a DJ playing all the hit songs, a photo booth, and snacks. Homecoming was a very memorable time for all; friends made it so much better, of course.

On the dance floor, countless people were gathered around, dancing and singing along in a giant circle. Many were very brave and had the courage to dance in the middle of the circle, showing off their flawless moves.  Even assistant principal Mr. Smith showed off some dance moves.

Homecoming was a perfect opportunity for making memories and having fun.