Spirit Week 2022: Henna at Eagle Tailgate

At the Osbourn tailgate, on September 23rd, there were many booths and tables set up for different sports, and clubs for fundraising. At the cosmetology table, the many students in that class could be found drawing henna designs on arms, and hands. With henna, there are endless possibilities. Some of the common designs at the tailgate were flowers, leaves, and intricate patterns.

Henna was commonly used for cooling properties for people in harsh desert climates 5000+ years ago. It was most prominently used in Pakistan, India, Africa, and other Middle Eastern countries. The substance itself is derived from the leaves of the henna plant. In present times, people all over the world have adopted the traditions, and style statement of using henna. This not only made the henna stand a big hit at the tailgate, but also left people with beautifully embellished arms, and hands!