CenterStage Has Their Eye On It

CenterStage, led by Ms. Angela Easley, is an elite group of students responsible for representing our choir department. They participate in various competitions, showcasing their skills and talent. With Easley’s guidance, they train and perfect their performances, creating a unique and captivating experience for their audiences. CenterStage is a family; a place where students come together to express themselves and share their love for music.

CenterStage has had five performances this year, all of which they have placed first or second (or superior!).

Their first concert was at Commonwealth Choral Invitational on February 25th, 2023. There, they won best vocal quality, best band, best choreography, best stage crew overall, and the People’s Choice award. The showmanship award went to singers Ryan Wescott and Brayden Colding.

Shortly afterward, on March 4th, they performed at The Koste Classic where they won second place and received best band and best show design. The showmanship award for this show was given to Alexis Wittig and Brayden Colding.

A week later, Center Stage moved on to compete in the Titan Tournament, where they placed first overall. The showmanship award went to Anna French and Alexander Ramirez.

On March 18, they performed at the Festivals of Choirs, where they placed second for best band and for best costumes. Ryan Wescott and Alexander Ramirez were celebrated for their performance.

Diamond Classic, one of their final performances, was where they won the titles of grand champions of best band, best stage crew, best vocals, best visuals, and best costumes. In addition to that, the honor of best soloist was given to Brayden Colding. The showmanship award, again, was given to Ryan Wescott and Alexander Ramirez.

CenterStage members put an incredible amount of work into their roles, which they take very seriously. Hours and hours of learning, rehearsal, and preparation are put in, and yet it couldn’t be done without Ms. Easley, who heads and conducts the choir.

“When I came [to Osbourn], CenterStage was a “show choir”. They danced and sang but never competed. I took it to the next level with competitions,” she said.

“The choirs are in different categories based on the number of students. We went to open division this year, which is normally five to twenty kids. Then, there’s AAA, AA, and A. We compete against schools in Richmond, sometimes Pennsylvania, and West Virginia,” she added.

Everyone has a story of discovering their passion, which for Ms. Easley is not only music but also teaching.

“After my fifth year of teaching, I was in Richmond. It was there that I learned about show choir and it just so happened that when I started here, they already had a show choir. I wanted them to have an outcome. Dancing and singing are fine for a concert, but I wanted them to compete and take it to the next level. They could be an elite group that shows the ability of students to sing,” she continued.

In her eight years since, she says she has made many fond memories with her students.

“The majority of my seniors have had me for four years, and to see the growth is amazing. I remember when they were freshmen in the beginning choirs. I’ve watched them grow and succeed. Some thought they would never be in this group, but they’ve evolved and begun to think outside the box and it’s really fun to see.”

CenterStage is an extraordinary opportunity to fall in love with music and make new friends along the way. It is a place where you can make great memories and new friends; it also gives you so much experience that no other class can give you. Choir is always looking for more members, and it is a fantastic choice for classes next year.

“You need to have a really strong work ethic. A love for music and a strong work ethic. It’s hard to be in CenterStage. You’re the top choir, the assessment choir, and the show choir. you have to do all of the things, you go everywhere and advocate as you show off your department. You have to have good time management and a love for and desire to learn all of the music,” she shared.

CenterStage seniors said their last goodbyes after the Spring Show, which took place on the 5th and 6th of May. The show featured all of Easley’s choirs, as well as solos by Anna French, Brayden Colding, Angelina Matamala, Alexander Ramirez, Kian McAndrew, and Natalie Shelton. The audience also had the privilege of seeing them perform “Eye On It”, an original dance by CenterStage and choreographed by Terrell Dean that was performed at many competitions. It followed the story of a diamond heist and the people who were tasked with protecting it. The diamond, nicknamed “The World” for its rarity, is under threat by thieves, and CenterStage knows that “Something Big” is about to happen and they only have “Four Minutes” to save the world. No matter what it takes, they must keep their “Eye On It”.

After the Spring Show, Center Stage took its final bow for the year, but a new upcoming group of kids will have their chance to be in the spotlight. This talented group brings fresh and exciting energy to the Center Stage family, and we are thrilled to have them on board. With a wide range of skills and backgrounds, this group promises to bring a diverse and engaging array of performances to our audiences. We can’t wait to see what this group will bring to the stage. 


OHS CenterStage

Ms. Easley Mrs. Jost Mr. Rogers Mr. Wassum Terrell Dean 

Castaneda-Garza Aidan     Colding, Brayden     Evans, Alicia 

French, Anna     Garcia-Poindexter, Gabriana     Halvorsen, Ava 

Lopez Montes, Samantha     Matamala, Angelina    McAndrew, Kian

Monhollen, Logan     Nichols, Caden     Ramirez, Alexander 

Shelton, Natalie    Tiede, Hannah     Wescott, Ryan

 Wittig, Alexis 

The Toastie Joasties (Show Band)