Osbourn Football Players Accomplish Their Dream, Now It’s Time To Learn A New Scheme!

A high school football player’s dream is to get a scholarship offer from a university to further pursue football at the next level. A high school football player has a 1 out of 11 chance of playing in college and a 1 out of 33 chance of playing at an NCAA Division 1 school. At Osbourn, we have a couple of football players who will be pursuing their dreams of playing at the next level.

First off we have defensive lineman Kiyon Boxley, who for the past two years has made both the All-Cedar Run District team and the All-Class Region team earning 1st team all-defense in both of them. Kiyon has made a big impact on the football team these past years and he will be missed. Kiyon will be going down to Richmond, VA, where he will be attending a Division II college, Virginia Union University.

Next up we have a four-year varsity starter, defensive back, and wide receiver Nigel Burke, Nigel was asked to start at the varsity level at a young age and he delivered, Nigel has made a great impact on all the young players on the team. Nigel has made various All-DIstrict and All-Region teams, but this past season, Nigel made both the All-Cedar Run District team and the All-Class Region team, earning first-team defense on both of them. Nigel will be attending a Division II college, Shepherd University, which recently had a couple of players signed or drafted into the NFL.

Both Kiyon and Nigel were invited to participate in the VA vs MD all-star game.

Next up, we have outside linebacker and wide receiver, Ernest Amoyaw. Ernest has been an impactful player for the Osbourn Eagles and has made big plays on both sides of the ball this past year. Ernest made the All-Cedar Run District team at wide receiver for the offense’s honorable mention list. The most memorable play for everyone at Osbourn was the homecoming game against Unity Reed High School, where Ernest had a game-winning pick 6. Ernest will be attending Divison II College, Emory, and Henry College.

Last but not least we have defensive back Nick Williams. Nick recently was also asked to play running back this past year where he made the All-Cedar Run District team at both running back and defensive back, earning second-team honors at both positions. Nick is considered one of the hardest workers by many of his coaches and Nick would never miss practices, Nick decided to take his big next step during the Covid lockdown where he started to lift weights and train himself for the upcoming season. Ever since then, Nick has been an impactful player for the football team and he will be attending Divison II, Charleston University.

Now that all signing and committing is done, now comes the real challenge, preparing and adjusting to the college level. College is a whole different game and speed from high school and these Eagles are going to have to adjust to new schemes at their universities.

How are the players feeling and how do they feel accomplishing this big goal? Nick Williams said, ” I feel great that I have completed this step and I can’t wait to get started at the next level, even though there is still much more work to be done.” Kiyon Boxley also added, “My dream hasn’t come true yet but once I step foot on campus my dream has been fulfilled, I accomplished it from family, friends, and coaches, who helped me to get better at life.”

With 1 month of school left, these Eagles are going to have to start preparing and conditioning themselves for when the fall arrives. They continue to inspire former teammates and a lot of underclassmen look up to them, we wish them luck on their journey. Go Eagles!