18-0 Undefeated! Varsity Boys Soccer Having Another Remarkable Run, Heading to


Boys varsity soccer is a popular and competitive sport that brings together Osbourn students from all walks of life. The team has talented players who have honed their skills through years of practice and dedication. Playing on the varsity soccer team requires high commitment and hard work, both on and off the field.   The soccer season typically runs during spring, with games played against other high schools in the area or other places. The whole team practices every day of the week

Being on this team is more than just being a player. The boys consider this team as a family ” I love my teammates they are family to me,” said the starting goalkeeper Armando Cervantes. “The team dinners we have are so fun we can relax and all get together and talk about things,” added Brandon Olguin.

This season, the boys soccer team has been described as special, remarkable, and outstanding. They have gone undefeated for 14 games in a row. They seem to do particularly well when they play at home.  ” I’m so proud of us. This is my first year playing varsity and we are doing very well. I couldn’t be happier, “said Michael Olguin.

The team has gained recognition within the school; you hear them being brought up in some conversations around the halls. ” It feels nice being an Osbourn Eagles soccer fan and knowing we are winning every game,” said soccer fan  Anderson Barrera.

The boys this year have faced some real competition from the other schools “The hardest game we have had so far, I think, is Freedom High School,” said Richard Pineda.

Michael Olguin added “Yes, I agree. Even though we beat them both times, they were pretty hard to score on. Their defense was organized and they knew what they were doing.”

The team has won all 14 games they’ve played. ” I think this is our best season yet. We get the full potential out of our senior players and the team has all played together for a while to build up chemistry,”  said Alexis Vazquez.

The last two games in May are May 9th at Battlefield and May 11th at Osbourn Park.


3/13 Osbourn won 1-0 against Potomac High School

3/15 Osbourn won 3-0 against Freedom High School (Woodbridge)

3/21  Osbourn won 8-0 against John Champe High School

3/24  Osbourn won 5-2 against Freedom High School (South Riding)

3/28  Osbourn won 3-0 against Gainesville High School

3/30 Home Osbourn won 2-1 against Patriot High School


4/12 Osbourn won 4-1 against Unity Reed High School

4/14 Osbourn won 7-4 against Battlefield High School

4/18 Osbourn won 1-0 against Osbourn Park High School

4/20 Osbourn won 4-1 against John Champe High School

4/25 Osbourn won 3-1 against Freedom High School

4/28 Osbourn won 8-0 against Gainesville High School


5/2 Osbourn won 6-1 against Patriot

5/5 Osbourn won 6-0 Against Unity Reed


Their next games are:

May 9 at Battlefield High School

May 11 at home against Osbourn Park High School

Osbourn Eagles have expanded their unbeaten run to 16 wins in a row beating Battlefield away from home and Osbourn Park.  They had their senior night on Thursday, May 11. The atmosphere was fantastical; almost the whole stadium was full, even from the away side. They had plenty of supporters with them.  The Osbourn Eagles fans have done an amazing job supporting our amazing varsity soccer team.

Our varsity soccer team has gotten into districts for the 3rd  straight year in a row. We play on Wednesday the 17th against Freedom High School. at home, 6 pm is the kickoff. Be sure to be there and support our Eagles. If you are a student, the ticket is 3 dollars, and non-students are 5 dollars.

5/9 Osbourn won 4-1  against Battlefield High School.

5/11 Osbourn won 2-0 against Osbourn Park


District playoffs  

Osbourn Vs Freedom-South Riding: Cooper Noseworthy led the top-seeded Eagles (17-0-0) with four goals and an assist in the Cedar Run District tournament Semifinals Wednesday.

Erith Garcia scores a goal and had an assist. Ahmed Chirinos scored a goal. Noel Sotelo had 2 assists and Elias Sanjuan had an assist.

Osbourn will hosts second-seeded Battlefield (12-4-4) Monday at 6 P.M. in the tournament final.

5/22 Osbourn 4, Battlefield 3 (OT)

Jaiden Skelton scored the game-winner in the first overtime period keeping the Eagles unbeaten and claiming the Cedar Run District Tournament title Monday.

Cooper Noseworthy, the district player of the year, recorded top-seeded Osbourn’s first three goals.

Next up? The Regional Quarterfinals on 5/25 at 7:00 pm.