“Met Gala” In Manassas: Prom 2023 Brings On The Glamour

As the school year is coming to an end, prom was held for juniors and seniors. Prom was held at the Salisbury Center on April 15th from 7-10 p.m. Even though prom was held for juniors and seniors, if students wanted to, they could bring the underclassmen as guests. Prom was set up by members of the Interact Club and the theme was chosen through votes. The theme ended up being the Met Gala, which is a ball that happens annually to help raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

The prom event is usually attended by couples or groups of friends going together. Many couples ask each other out or at least match with each other. “I was asked to prom by my boyfriend with a bouquet of flowers, three huge stuffed animals, two posters, and a chicken basket filled with easter eggs and candy. There was a cutout, which spelled prom displayed on the trunk of his car,” said Samantha Lopez-Montes. A lot of students like to add witty play-on-words to their signs; “He gave me a sign that said ‘Lego to prom with me?’ with lego flowers,” said junior Kaya Graham.

Prom was able to happen because of the junior class. The junior class was in charge of planning the prom and funding it. Funding prom happened through various fundraisers such as a bake sale, candy grams, and a pie in the face contest during the winter pep rally. Even though the junior class helped, other associations from OHS volunteered to help as well. The Interact Club assisted with setting up decorations and making the venue look unique in order to fit the theme. “We arrived at the Salisbury Center to set up for prom around 10 am. We helped carry around 50 water bottle cases, set up the fairy lights, lay out the tablecloths, and added the centerpieces on the tables,” said Interact member Gwendolyn Boles. 

For prom, there is always a process students follow to get ready. Some may start getting ready at an early time from skincare to makeup. While others might get ready at the last minute to get that effortless look. Many attendees wore makeup, some did it themselves, while others got it professionally done by someone else. “My mother did my hair and makeup and I got my dress from Camilles,” said Graham.

Prom is also an event where students attempt to look high-end for a night. Many wear fabulous dresses that go along with the theme. Others wear suits, the outfits are usually bought from stores that specialize in prom.  “I didn’t wear a dress to prom, instead I got a suit and I got it from Express,” said senior Gabriella Matamala.

Other outfits were handmade or tailored. Prom outfits are a way for students to show off their fashion sense to other students, it is a way to express themselves. Some think that dressing up is one of the best parts while others enjoy spending time with their friends and taking pictures. While some students dwell on what they are going to wear, others already have in mind what they are going to wear for prom. “I already had my dress and I wasn’t too worried because it was my junior year,” said junior Suzie Gutierrez.

After getting ready, they await the time of prom either at home or at a restaurant for dinner. Many students tend to go eat with their dates or friends before the event begins. This helps the students prepare for the night with people they’re familiar with. ”I went with a group of friends, but before we arrived we went to the gas station,” said senior Jesus Martinez.

Others may choose to go to a specific spot and take prom pictures. Students started arriving at the event fifteen minutes before it started. Upon entering there was a red carpet present to greet the guests. This allowed the students to get in the correct mindset, and get ready to let loose and party!  

Prom was a very memorable night for attendees. “I liked the theme because it really added to the fancy atmosphere. This year’s prom I think was really fun,  especially compared to last year,” said sophomore Ava Grant. Juniors and seniors were very excited about this year’s prom. “I actually had a lot of fun, better than I expected, they had a lot of food which I didn’t really expect. I give it a solid 9/10,” said Matamala.

Students definitely lived up to the expectations with their bedazzling outfits for the Met Gala-themed prom. “I decided on my red dress since it gave me a nice figure,” said junior Pamela Drewry. Prom had many aspects to it, such as the DJ, the food, the announcements for prom king and queen, and of course being with your date or group of friends. Students have different opinions about their favorite parts of prom. “My favorite part was when Ice Spice came on and every guy in the room started singing along, it was really funny,” said Grant.

Spending time with friends at the dance plays a major role, as it is the last, or one of the last, high school dances you will experience; you want to make memories that will last a lifetime and be worry free on that special night. “Spending time with friends and dancing was my favorite part of prom,” said junior Citlalli Loreto Orozco. Sophomore Jessica Linares said the food was her favorite part of prom; can’t forget about the food, of course! 

Like a homecoming, prom has its own king and queen. The Prom king and queen are decided by the senior class, who vote for who they want to represent their class. This year’s prom king and queen were Sammy Kahingo and Iris Reffell. People used different ways to campaign for prom king and queen. “The process wasn’t anything crazy, I wasn’t really trying to win at first because I was just posting to tell people to vote for me, but then I was like oh well. I might as well just win it. It was definitely a fun and easy process. I didn’t really expect to win but I did,” said Prom King Sammy Kahingo.

Many students were very proud of this year’s 2023 prom court winners. “I have known Sammy for several years so I was proud he won. Also, I know Iris because of lacrosse so I was proud,” said senior Jackie Linares. OHS students seem elated with the choice of prom royalty.  “I’m so glad Iris won prom queen and I wasn’t surprised that she won,” said Loreto Orozco. For people, winning prom king and queen is completing their high school experience in many ways. “It feels like I completed my high school chapter so I’m happy, proud, and grateful,” said Prom Queen Iris Reffel. 

With the OHS 2023 prom season being over, seniors assemble for graduation while juniors prepare for another year of perhaps attending prom. Many memories are made throughout the years of high school, but students believe that prom is one of their biggest and best, bittersweet memories. Prom was filled with memories students could never forget, it was one of those nights that stay buried in their memory whenever students think of high school; the DJ, the red carpet, dancing with dates or friends, it’s one of those things students have to attend because after it happens, there’s no other opportunity! Osbourn looks forward to fundraising and preparing for the 2024 prom, next school year.