Which Musicians Are Most Overrated? Music Fans Decide


Madina Habib

OHS students display their wide array of music

With the rise of social media and music, going viral couldn’t be easier for some musicians. Thanks to popular apps like TikTok and Instagram, musicians have the opportunity to gain fans like never before. Modern-day social media has the power to make, or break a musician’s career in a blink of an eye. With more than 1,200 genres and styles of music being broadcast daily on popular apps and radios- small, independent musicians (Like Frank Ocean!) get the chance to break into the industry, allowing them to gain widespread recognition and success.

This has also created a new way of discovering music, as people are exposed to more artists and genres than ever before. Unfortunately, this also means that, for some, the wrong music and songs can go viral. Whether it’s for personal preference, the artist’s actions, or even songs becoming overplayed, not all OHS students believe these musicians and songs truly “deserve the hype”.

Here are some of the reasons why some OHS students find some artists and musicians overrated:

“…fan base is just too radical,” says ’26, Yannis Cernucan

“..Her songs are repetitive and play everywhere,” says ’26, Nicole Brotherton

“..His actions have made it hard for me to enjoy his music,” says ’24 Maryam Ahmadi

“…I’m just not enjoying his music anymore,” said ’23 Maggie Breeden

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“Taylor Swift,” says freshman, Yannis Cernucan.

“Her fan base is too radical for how bad her songs are, they will do things like stay hours after her concerts, inconvenience the staff, and follow her cat’s Instagram accounts. It is doing too much, and I just don’t get the hype.”

“That is also not considering her actions, like her horrible private jet’s air pollution, yet her fans believe she is a saint, “mentioned Cernucan.

Overplaying a song has the ability to decrease the quality of even the best songs, and science has proven that familiarity is definitely not the best option when it comes to music. This fact seems to check the boxes according to some Osbourn students like freshman, Nicole Brotherton.

“Miley Cyrus, because her Flowers song is so obnoxious. I hear it in every store, it’s every other song on the radio, it’s on all social media, and it’s just an overall annoying song to hear now,”  says Brotherton.

According to OHS students, trends can also have an impact on what music ends up getting popular, even if it is not high quality.

“I think that what is trending greatly contributes to which songs become popular, because [even high-quality songs] won’t get more hype than the ones trending [even if they’re bad],” believes senior, Diego Hernandez.

They also believe that this is why former global artists, like Justin Bieber, aren’t doing as well as they used to.

“Justin Bieber, his music seems outdated now, and I think that his fame is going to come to an end because of that,” says Maggie Breeden.

“He was really popular in the 2010s but that was because his style of music was trending back then, but the beats of his new songs, like Peaches almost feels like a downgrade, and he made it up on the spot,” Breeden said.

“When it comes to my opinion. I would have to say Kanye West today,” says Maryam Ahmadi.

“His old music was really good and he used to be a really good person, but his recent actions have made me more hesitant to listen to his new music. His new music is also just not like his previous albums as well,” continues Ahmadi.

Ahmadi like many others, has complicated feelings towards the term “overrated”, and believes it shouldn’t be used when judging music in a global sense.

“I think that the term can be really diverse because there is such a wide selection of music available. So the terms “overrated” or “underrated” are definitely not the best way to judge music,” she concludes.