Varsity Softball Is All About The Bases (Updated)

With a total of 17 players and 4 coaches, and an overall record of 4-7, Osbourn’s softball team has been putting in the work.

The softball teams catcher Desi Brock (7) and the pitcher Rhyannon Stanley (22)have both been playing softball at Osbourn for 3 years and both plan to play til senior year! They make a powerful duo and always make softball games worth the watch. Arianna Eaddy(10) and Amaiyah Borba-Carter(6) always make the games interesting. If we’re winning by 1 or losing by 10, these two are always laughing and cheering on the team.

So far, the softball team has played 7 games winning 3 and losing 4. The softball team’s first home game was against C. D. Hylton High School. The softball team lost by ONE point. 6-5. The softball team took this loss and came back even stronger because 4 days later, on March 20th, the softball team had their first away game of the season and put Park View High School in the dirt, ending this game with a stunning score of 20-2.

The next 3 games went downhill a bit as the softball team suffered 3 losses. John Champe High School 11-0, Gainsville High School 10-0, and Patriot High School 11-2. This didn’t deter the softball team as they came back from a home game against Annadale High School with a score of 2-0. April 12th was an away game at Unity Reed High School with an amazing score of 29-0. Amaiyah Borba(6) and Rhyannon Stanley(22) made a few nice hits. Friday, April 14th was a home game against Battlefield High School 15-0. Both teams played their hardest in the rain.

Monday, April 17th the softball team had senior night. This year the softball team honored Kymora Payne(2) and Maddie Henderson(5). Senior night was a home game with Seton High School. The softball team started the senior night with Principal Mike Plugrath pitching the first ball and Activities Director Mr. John Ellenberger catching it. The night ended with a score of 7-4. April 18th was an away game at Osbourn Park. The final score was 23-0. April 20th was an away game at John Champe with a final score of 11-0.

Learning some of the team players’ positions is important because you get to understand what it is like to play the sport, unlike watching the games without an understanding of what the team is accomplishing.

“I do not have a specific position but I do play outfield. For outfield, we catch and throw the balls that fly out of the infield to back up teammates at the bases,” freshman Kimora Burke said.

“I play as a right fielder in softball. My position means I have to catch any fly balls or grounders hit towards right field, back up the throws to first and second base, and back up the center fielder.” freshman Sophia Martinez said.

Time management is an important thing that student-athletes learn while playing a sport. For some, time can be very scarce between school, games, and practice.

“Managing my time between school, practice, and games is not difficult but at times it can be very challenging. I usually try to focus on what I am doing at the time and worry about the games later on so I do not get overwhelmed. I’ve spent so much of my time on softball that I barely have any time to do homework or late assignments,” Burke added.

“I manage my time by getting most of my homework done during the school day so I can just focus on softball after school,” Martinez stated.

Stay tuned for updates as the season progresses!

As of May 5th the current record for softball is 5-10.

Starting off strong April 24th was a home game against Mt. Vernon High School winning 5-1 the game right after that on the 25th was an away game with Freedom (South Riding) losing 18-4.

Varsity softball doesn’t have many games left just 4 left.
It’s always sad when something is coming to an end. However, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and appreciate all the hard work and dedication. As we look forward to the final stretch of games, let’s make sure to savor every throw and every run.

These last 4 games will be interesting having 3 home games starting with Unity Reed on May 5th. Freedom High School on May 8th and Osbourn Park on May 11th and 1 away game at Battlefield on the 9th. The team has grown so much and they’ve become closer than ever. The softball team is truly a family, and no matter what the outcome of these final games, they will always remain close and have that special bond no other softball team will have.