Osbourn LAX to the MAX!

With lacrosse now well into their 2023 season, they are currently 3-8 so far throughout the season. The Eagles are led yet again by their head coach, Coach McLeod who teaches English at Osbourn.  The captains consist of Sean O’Malley, and Dylan Osterhout, and the third captain gets alternated every game. With many new players on the team, they look up to experienced players to guide them throughout the season. The Eagles are hungry and ready to continue their season.

With many newcomers on the team, they are led by Louisville commits Sean O’Malley, and Dylan Osterhout. New players look up to players with experience and senior players. Although the team does have a lot of new players, they seem to work well together and quickly built chemistry with each other. Defensive player Ethan Williams said “This is my first ever year playing lacrosse and I quickly felt welcomed by the team. I decided to try something new and I’m enjoying the game. I also like how flexible Coach McLeod is because I’m doing both track and lacrosse this spring.”

The roster consists of 23 people and lacrosse has positions for attackmen, midfielders, defensemen, and obviously a goalkeeper. There is also the face-off aspect of the game. The face-off is an essential element of the game, that occurs at frequent times throughout the game. In a face-off, two members of the opposing teams, usually short-stick midfield players, battle 1-on-1 for possession of the ball close to the ground. The players who do the face-offs are midfielder AJ Lowe and midfielder Bryan Malos.

While both Sean and Dylan are going to college to pursue a higher level of lacrosse. AJ Lowe is also pursuing lacrosse at the next level and hasn’t decided where he plans on going. Midfielder AJ Lowe said, “I’m excited to be able to keep playing lacrosse at the next level, I haven’t decided where I’m going to go yet, but I’ve visited all the places that have interest in me and I can’t wait to announce where I’ll be going for lacrosse.”

With many new players on the team, how are they able to learn the game so quickly? Midfielder Blaise Flook said, “I go to my teammates and coaches for guidance, I’m new to the game and always look to get better at every aspect of the game. I look up to former players because they have more experience than me.”

With some games yet to be played, how has Eagles lacrosse done so far in the year? Well, here are the stats:

3/14  The team had scrimmages against Seton and Liberty High School before their first home game against, Freedom High School (WB). Where they went on to win  14-2.

3/15  The team played in back-to-back home games where they went on to lose to Colgan High School, 19-0.

3/17  The team went on the road for their first away game and went on to beat Park View High School, 9-2.

3/27  The team went on the road once again to face their first district opponent, they went on to crush Unity Reed High School, 13-3.

3/31 The team is back at the Eagles Nest where they played John Lewis High School. They fought hard but got defeated.

4/10 After not having any games over spring break, they were back on the road against Lighridge High School. They went on to lose 16-2

4/11 The team stayed on the road and went on to face rival Osbourn Park High School. The Eagles lose on a nail-biter and lose 12-11.

4/13  The team faced district opponents John Champe High School on the road. They went on to lose 16-3.

4/17 The Eagles continued their road game trip and went to play a tough district opponent, Freedom High School (SR). They were defeated 23-1.

4/19 The Eagles returned home and faced another district opponent Gainsville High School. They went on to lose 17-0.

4/24 The Eagles returned to the road where they went to play district opponent Patriot High School.  The Eagles played tough but end up getting defeated.

Stay tuned for additional updates throughout the season!

4/27 The Eagles are at home and face off against longtime rival Unity Reed High School. Osbourn won 7-6 in OT, with an amazing game-winning shot by Dylan Osterhout.

5/1 The Eagles traveled to district opponent Battlefield High School, The Eagles ended up losing 17-1.

5/4 The Eagles came back home, where they fight for a playoff spot against the team down the block at Osbourn Park High School, The Eagles sadly ended up losing 11-4.

With the season now over Coach Mcleod highlighted that “This is our most historic season since I’ve started coaching lacrosse at Osbourn and we’ve improved throughout the year.”