Jukebox Diner: A Delicious Blast From The Past

Jukebox Diner is an old-fashioned restaurant with daily specialties. Jukebox was established in Manassas in 1996, and is located in the Canterbury Village Shopping Center on Sudley Road in front of the Prince William Hospital. It is owned by a local family. The diner offers many different food options such as appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Their entrees vary from breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. The four of us opted for breakfast and lunch dishes. Heyle and Celine went with lunch dishes that the diner had as options. Heyle went for The Mighty Joe Burger. Celine decided on the Buffalo Wings. Gwen and Fanny went with the breakfast dishes the diner had to offer. Gwen went for the Belgian Waffle Combo with chocolate chips, sided with scrambled eggs and bacon. Fanny got the Pancake Combo that came with sides of scrambled eggs and bacon. 

Heyle’s Mighty Joe Burger came with a side of fries and onion rings. The burger itself had two patties and there were dill pickles on the side to put on the burger. It was on the side since the diner allows its customers to enjoy it with or without pickles; it all depends on the person’s tastes. The onion rings were crunchy on the outside, while the onions inside had a slimy and soggy texture. However, the dish redeemed itself with its fries. The fries had the right amount of salt and pepper too, while still having a toasty, crunchy texture. The overall burger was good, the toppings were  fresh with a hint of crispiness. 

Celine’s Buffalo Wings came with six wings and blue cheese as the dressing. The barbecue wings had a very crispy and saucy texture. Customers were able to choose what sauce they wanted on their wings, varying from barbecue, jerk, sweet chili, garlic, mild, hot, and plain sauces. They had a satisfying taste that went along with the blue cheese that was served along with the wings. For a dozen wings and your choice of flavor, the price was $12.00. While the customer was able to choose the sauce that went on their wings, the side sauce’s only option was blue cheese. The blue cheese with the barbecue sauce added a different taste to the wings overall, and tied the flavor of the wings together. 

Gwen’s Belgian Waffle Combo with chocolate chips came with scrambled eggs and bacon as their sides. The waffle had a unique texture to it and was in a circular shape cut in four. The chocolate chips added an extra layer of goodness and deliciousness to the dish. The diner’s side options varied from bacon, sausage, and eggs. The customer gets to choose how they want their eggs. Gwen had gone for scrambled eggs, the scrambled eggs were seasoned enough, but were missing a bit of fluffiness. They were still good quality. The bacon was crunchy, and crispy, which tied the whole dish together.

Fanny’s Pancake Combo came with scrambled eggs and bacon as their sides. The pancakes had an overall good flavor, but they could have had more fluff to them. The pancakes in general brought the dish together with its flavor. The eggs had more of a choppy texture than scrambly texture that it was supposed to have. They were seasoned enough, and had an okay flavor. The bacon had a good flavor and was crispy and cooked thoroughly. The overall dish was good, it was just missing some elements that could have made it a better dish. 

There is a variety of desserts at Jukebox Diner. The 4 of us were very inclined to try some of them. They varied from brownies to cheesecake to apple pie and ice cream. We were delighted with the opportunity to try some of these. Heyle and Fanny were fascinated with the cheesecake. The cheesecake was rich in flavor, not too dense in texture, but not too airy. It was right in the middle. The filling was creamy and not too sweet, the crust added all of the sweetness to the cake. Celine and Gwen tried the apple pie; the apple pie had just the right amount of filling which didn’t overwhelm the dessert. The filling was amazing since there were small cubes of apple in it. The crust had enough crunch to it which tied the whole dessert together. We loved how they had various dessert items on the menu. We were very satisfied with each dessert. Next time we go, we would like to try more of their dessert options, such as the crumble cake.

The diner had a plethora of drinks on the menu to choose from. We decided to go along with the milkshakes. There were many flavors we could pick from. Two of us went with cookies and cream, one of us with chocolate and finally the other one of us got the strawberry flavor. Each milkshake cost $8.00. Once we walked in, we went straight to ordering the milkshakes right away as the waiter appeared quickly. The milkshakes arrived about 10 minutes after we ordered them, in nicely-sized classic diner-esque glass cups with a straw. The cookies and cream milkshake had a slushy and soft taste to it. It had an Oreo cookie crumble crunch that was beyond delectable. Although, the after-taste was quite bitter. If you are someone who enjoys creamy ice cream with a hint of crunch, that isn’t too sugary, then this is definitely a drink that you may enjoy. The chocolate milkshake was very sweet and savory. The drink itself was so filling and satisfied my sweet craving desire. It had a strong rich chocolate flavor and a frothy taste to it. Otherwise, the strawberry milkshake had a pretty unpleasant dull aftertaste. The bland taste overwhelmed the strawberries.

The diner showed various diverse flavors throughout their dishes. Which satisfied us and our taste buds. The food wasn’t the only pleasant thing about the diner. The atmosphere was amusing and their interior design was spot on for a 50s diner. I hope the diner keeps excelling and trying their best to please their customers. Overall we decided to rate the diner a 8 out 10.