One Piece: 4 Reasons Why This Anime Series Is Worth Your Time

One Piece is Manga/Anime Series created by Eiichiro Oda. It is a story about a character named Monkey D. Luffy and his journey to become the King of the Pirates. One Piece was originally a manga series, but was created into an anime as well. As years go by, more arcs that are added in the manga are recreated in the anime.  Here are some things that make One Piece a great anime.

  1. The plot is constantly flowing. There is never a point in the story where the characters are stumped and ask themselves, “What next?” It’s like island hopping, only that the objective is never the same as “conquer this island to become Pirate King.” In One Piece, the adventure is nonstop, everybody has an ultimate goal and the next island is gonna contribute to their goal.
  2. The main cast of characters is really unhateable, and everybody has a role. To call any of them useless is just opinionative. Characters like Ussop were there when they were needed the most.  Every Straw Hat has their moment to shine in each arc of the story.
  3. The power scaling isn’t crazy or inconsistent. Throughout the story, the Strawhats come face to face with an antagonist that is either against their goal or is there just to be their opponent.        During these arc, the Straw Hats take either a W or an L. They can also learn valuable lessons and learn from their past mistakes. Even in the current chapters, the Straw Hats still have a           long way to go when it comes to power.
  4.  The world-building in One Piece is very unique. Despite its divisive art style, the series does stand out with a colorful cast of characters. Even detractors would find a lot of these designs to be visually appealing. Pirates are vagrants of the sea, and when this concept is displayed cinematically, a beautiful world of adventures is what viewers can expect. The development of characters from pre to post-time skip is amazing. Even the animation evolves.

The story of One Piece is truly incredible and full of entertainment. It has its goofy moments, its sad moments, and conflict. It is really cool when fights happen in One Piece because it’s cool to see people that have abilities go head to head. The only issue a lot of people have with One Piece is that it’s too long. This show requires focus, viewing hours, and commitment to watch. The story is not over yet, so you should have time to watch it. There are still more islands to discover and fights to settle before Luffy can make it to Laugh Tale and claim the One Piece.

You can currently watch One Piece online on Netflix (Only holds 300 episodes right now), Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Adult Swim.