Trending Habits: The Shows, Movies, and Ways of Watching That OHS Students Favor

There are many varieties of ways to watch your favorite movies or your favorite TV shows. Do most students do their watching on a  phone, television, or computer? And how long do they actually watch?

I decided to find out.

“Normally I always watch my shows and movies on my television, but every once in a while I watch them on my phone. My average watch time is around four hours because I normally always watch some in the morning for 30 minutes. Normally I always watch at least three hours of television. At this current moment, I’m watching nothing really. I was really just watching random old movies like Friday, old Batman, and 2000s Spiderman.  The reason I’m currently not watching anything is because there is nothing good that has recently come out, so basically, I’m just gonna be waiting. I don’t have anything planned currently but I’m just gonna wait for something good to come out, “said freshman Juan Gutierrez.

“I always like watching shows on my tv and phone but mostly on my tv, because of the big screen. Normally my average watch time is like two hours. Cause I always have something else to do other than watching tv, like going outside, cleaning my room, and using my phone. Now at this moment, I’m watching That 90s Show. I would recommend it. It is a teen sitcom set during the summer of 1995, featuring characters and locales that debuted in its predecessor, That ’70s Show.  After that, I don’t really have anything really important planned to watch. Maybe I will finish shows that I have not finished yet. Like I never finished The Office. I definitely need to finish that! ” said freshmen Ryan Munoz.

“I don’t really watch TV like crazy, but every once in a while I love watching brand new Disney series. I normally always watch it for up to six hours because I love finishing things quickly. This is so I do not have to be thinking of the show. At this current moment, I’m finishing Wanda Vision because I’m trying to watch all the movies and series in order to be caught up on the storyline. One of the shows I have planned to watch after Wanda Vision is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” said freshman Enrique Sosa.

“I’m not too crazy about watching tv, but something I really like is watching Spanish shows like La Rosa de Guadalupe, El Chavo, and more. I can watch Spanish shows for up to like six hours if I want to. But some of these shows are very old. It kind of makes me sad to know some of these aren’t gonna be produced anymore.,” said freshmen Dixon Aldana.