Noah’s Top Five Breakfast Items To Order At IHOP

One of my favorite places to eat breakfast with my family is at IHOP, and it is one of the most popular breakfast places in America. There are many items to choose from at IHOP and I can say there are some hits and some misses. I’ve decided to make a top five of my favorite breakfast choices at IHOP. Here they are.

5.  The 2x2x2: The 2x2x2 is a basic concept, but it is definitely a solid and classic choice for a breakfast at IHOP. The item comes with 2 buttermilk pancakes, 2 eggs any way you like, 2 smoked bacon strips, or 2 pork sausages. The two pancakes are fluffy, and eye appealing and for me, they have the taste. The eggs have a good amount of seasoning and are nice and warm with good amounts of salt and pepper. The bacon is crispy and cooked to perfection with a smoky flavor. The buttermilk pancakes can be combined with those scrambled eggs and bacon and formed into a mini sandwich. This makes a perfect combo, with the classic syrup. This is a great breakfast that I personally enjoy. All the flavors combined into one add up to that crispy, sweet, and savory combo. Definitely a top-five choice for any breakfast!

4.  The Chicken And Waffles: The Chicken And Waffles meal consists of only two items, but can put in the work for one person. Four buttermilk Crispy Chicken Breast Strips, Four Homemade Belgian Waffles alongside a sauce (ranch, honey mustard, or Ihop sauce). The chicken is crispy but not too crispy and tastes good for chicken at IHOP. The chicken is not dry, it is moist and the ranch/honey mustard sauces complement the chicken nicely. The waffles are nice and fluffy and full of the flavor you’d want. Adding syrup definitely adds more to the waffles, and for me, it is required.

3.  The Classic Burrito: The Classic Burrito is a breakfast meal that consists of scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, diced sausage, hash browns, and cheddar cheese, all in a tortilla. I put this as number three because I personally like burritos, especially breakfast burritos. The eggs are your regular eggs; they aren’t anything special, but they sit nicely with the rest of the ingredients. The bacon and sausage mix together perfectly and the bacon is crispy and the sausage tastes like it was cooked to perfection. The hash brown is just your average hash brown. I’m not much of a hashbrown guy, so I don’t pay much attention to them, but they’re not bad. This item is definitely a top pick for me.

2.  Ham And Egg Melt Combo: The Ham And Egg Melt is honestly something you should get if you want a simple little breakfast at IHOP. The sandwich comes with black forest ham, fried egg and American cheese, all on thick-cut bread, plus some French fries. For me, this item is simple and basic, but really good. The bread is usually toasted just right when I get it. I like my bread golden brown. The ham tastes great with the egg I think those two are a must when it comes to breakfast sandwiches. The fries are crispy; I have never had a soggy fry when I’ve gotten fries at IHOP. The fries have a nice amount of salt and are very tasty. They include a huge pile of fries, so I actually put fries in my sandwich, which really adds a great touch to the meal.

1.  Funny Face Chocolate Pancake: The Funny Face Pancake is amazing. For most others, it wouldn’t even make the top ten, but for me, it’s just perfection. The item is one chocolate pancake with a whipped creamed smile, Hershey kisses on top of the smile, a whipped cream nose, and eyes created with two cherries. I love sweet foods, so this pancake to me is just amazing, The chocolate inside the pancake is nice and warm and the pancake itself is fluffy and sweet. The kisses on top of the whipped cream are a nice addition and add great flavor. The cherries are juicy, sweet, and also eye-appealing, which is also important. This meal for me is nostalgic and I’ve had it many times as a kid. The nostalgia plus all the flavors make this item number one for me.

I found all of these items really tasty and appealing. I hope my list can inspire you and motivate you to try and explore new items at IHOP. Try some items on this list and tell us in the comments if you enjoy them.