Manassas Qdoba Produces an Unbelievably Delicious Chicken Burrito

Qdoba is a Mexican-style fast-food casual restaurant franchise. It is located on Liberia Avenue at the shops at Signal Hill. Qdoba originated in Denver Colorado in 1995 by Robert Hauser and Anthony Miller. Many people think Qdoba means queso, which is delicious on basically anything, but it actually means FLAVOR. Qdoba is all about their flavors. On January 14th I went to see what the Qdoba hype was about.

When I first walked into Qdoba, I liked the music that was playing; it fit the restaurant’s theme/vibe. The number of tables in the restaurant is perfect; they can hold many customers but won’t get crowded. When I went, at least four tables were taken by other customers. I liked that about Qdoba- it’s not lonely. I loved the art on the walls, the canvases were very nice. The lighting in Qdoba was dim, but it had enough lights so it wasn’t overly dark. It was perfect for me- not too bright but enough light to feel like you are in a restaurant.

Qdoba doesn’t have many options on its menu, however, I think it is a perfect amount because you can make your own burrito, quesadilla, or bowl. There are other options you can do too, but those are the three main ones. When I went to Qdoba I ordered a burrito and completed the meal with a side of chips and queso, a chocolate chip cookie, and a drink. My burrito contained the exact ingredients I selected: rice, both beans (pinto and black), two proteins chicken and steak, queso (normal not spicy), lettuce, cheese, sour cream, mini chip strips, salsa verde, and I topped it off with guacamole.

The burrito was so good! Both of my proteins were cooked well. I got a hint of spice with the salsa verde, but the sour cream balanced it out. The white rice was cooked perfectly. I loved the cilantro it had in it and the touch of lime. The burrito was very flavorful. Everything tasted so fresh. I was very happy with my meal and I felt that I made the right choices for my toppings. Another thing my burrito had was a nice little crunch from the mini chip strips and the tortilla was nice and warm.

The staff was friendly, especially the lady that took my order. She did not rush with my order and was patient with me while I was choosing and deciding what toppings I should add. She also explained the menu to me and answered my questions. Overall I would rate Qdoba Mexican Grill a 9/10. Just because everything has room for improvement… the side of chips and queso could have been slightly better. The chips were a bit too salty. But other than that, I loved the restaurant and I will most likely go back soon and try something new.