M3GAN Creates Chaos and Suspense For Movie Watchers

It’s a new year, and everybody is excited about the new 2023 upcoming movies. This year the first ever movie to release is called Megan , this movie was released January 6th 2023. Megan was trending all 2022 in the theaters and everyone was excited to view this movie, now that it has been released everyone is talking about it . Megan is a movie about a doll who has crazy features, and lots of secrets that soon end up becoming a problem to all people around her.

Megan was made by this expert group that created her to keep this little girl name Cady company because her parents got into a serious car accident and she felt alone. So her aunt Gemma came up with a brilliant idea on creating this beautiful robot doll named Megan. Megan is a friend, a teacher, a protector, and a very good listener. She is Cady’s friend and follows her everywhere she goes to make sure Cady feels safe and has every little thing she can want in a friend. Gemma is a roboticist at Funki, a technologically advanced toy company in Seattle.

Gemma is working on developing MEGAN (short for Model 3 Generative Android), a life-like artificially intelligent doll designed to be a loyal companion. Gemma decides to finish developing MEGAN. After completing the doll, Gemma asks Cady to partake in a demonstration for Gemma’s coworker named David. during this, she meets her and is formally paired with MEGAN. Their interactions convince David that the doll will be a valuable investment and take the company to success. MEGAN succeeds beyond Gemma’s expectations, she teaches Cady life lessons, reminds her to do things, and becomes a good friend to her. Even though Gemma is pleased, her co-workers Tess and Cole, as well as Cady’s therapist Lydia, have concerns about the parental role that MEGAN has taken on in Cady’s life. Lydia, in particular, worries that Cady is creating strong emotional attachments to MEGAN that will be extremely difficult to break later on.

Megan’s goal is to protect Cady both emotionally and physically. Megan seems to target everything she sees that could harm Cady in any way possible. This doll has lots of mysterious secrets to it, she hurts people and does so many protective, but violent things just to protect Cady, Cady’s aunt has a very angry neighbor who has a dog that likes to disturb their property. This dog was known to have attacked Megan and Cady when Cady was playing a game outside. Megan didn’t really like this and took it upon herself to kill the dog. Gemma gets suspicious of Megan and attempts to pull up the video logs that are attached to her since she’s a manifested doll connected with an android, to see if she is involved in these deaths. She discovers that the videotapes were erased. She turned Megan off and took her to the programming room with her coworkers so they could fix her.

Cady wasn’t very happy about this since she has attachment issues. She was shouting at Gemma. While MEGAN wins over Funki’s investors and convinces them to release a worldwide campaign in advance of her release, Gemma, Tess, and Cole decide to try to terminate MEGAN due to her volatile and violent tendencies. Tess and Cole attempt to shut down MEGAN while Gemma takes Cady home, but MEGAN attacks Cole. While Tess frees Cole, MEGAN causes an explosion in their lab and then shuts off the alarm. On her way out of the building, MEGAN attacks David and his assistant Kurt in an elevator. She then steals a car and drives back to Gemma’s house and confronts her for trying to get rid of her. To be continued…

During my winter break, I took time out of my day and went to the theaters with a couple of friends and watched a movie Megan. My first thought at the beginning of the movie was beyond me, I personally think the movie was set up really nicely and just the whole thing in general is great. If I had to recommend this movie to the universe, I definitely would. This is one of the best movies I’ve seen so far. I enjoyed it a lot since it’s the first 2023 banger to hit. There is one thing I think they can change about this movie though, when I watched the movie, the quality was kind of off in the beginning and it made it really difficult to see what was going on, but although I really liked the movie and think it’s going to be a hit all year long!