Wet n Wild Beauty: Low Quality or Worth a Look?

Wet n Wild is a very popular makeup brand that many people use. One of the perks of Wet n Wild is that they are animal cruelty-free, so no animals are harmed in the testing of their products. Wet n Wild has made budget beauty accessible to mass audiences since 1979. This cosmetics brand offers lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeshadows, and many more items.

My experience with Wet n Wild has been marvelous. My everyday foundation is the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation, in the shade Cream Beige. This foundation works wonders! It covers all of my dark spots that I have, scars, and eye bags. It is also very affordable. You can find this product at your local Target, Walmart, Ulta, or your CVS pharmacy. This product is perfect for greasy skin; it does not separate, flake, or melt when applied to the skin.

Another one of my favorite products is their concealer. It is also very good for dark eye bags and scars, and there are many shades available. The concealer I use is the Photo Focus in Light Ivory.  It matches very well with my skin tone. This product also has a great non-comedogenic formula.

The Wet n Wild products that I have tried so far have been really good; the only thing that I personally didn’t like was the Color Icon Nude Awakening Eyeshadow Palette, and that is because of the low pigment. I was expecting more from the colors, and I was honestly disappointed.  I expected the colors to pop more than they did. I would recommend it only if you don’t really like strong colors and just go for a light natural makeup look, but otherwise, I wouldn’t buy this.

I have ordered some products from their website and the shipping is very reliable. I ordered Cherry Red Lipstick, and the pigment on it was very strong and long-wearing. I made it through the whole day with it on. The name of the line is derived from the moisturizing ingredients that should make the lipstick feel like silk on your lips. I would agree with this statement; this is hands down one of my favorite lipsticks.

Overall the Wet n Wild cosmetics brand gets a big recommendation from me. The products have very good coverage and are animal testing free. You can find them in your local pharmacies and all of their products are very affordable. 10/10