Location Matters: Streaming Services At Home vs Movie Theaters

Movies. Everybody has to at least have a favorite movie. The only issue is where to watch the movies you want to see. Do you go out to a movie theater or do you use a streaming service at home? The first movie was released in 1895 in a theater.  Since then the options where you can watch movies have grown widely.

Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO max, and many more streaming services have movies that you can access and watch. People now have to decide either to go see a new movie in theatres or to wait for it to come to a streaming service.

“When a new movie comes out, I like to go out and watch it immediately in theatres. I don’t really like to wait to go see it; I just want it right then and there. Going to the theatres is fun because I can hang out with my friends and family. I do own some streaming services but I use them because there are shows on there that I can’t find anywhere else like Big Mouth on Netflix. If a movie I like is on there as well, I like to go and watch it there because I have easy access to it,” said freshman Ryan Munoz.

“If there’s a movie that recently came out and I want to see it, I’ll wait for it to arrive on a streaming service. I only go to the movies if my family wants to go or if my friends plan on going out together to watch one. I have patience, so I can wait- even if it’s months until I can watch it anywhere else. I like to stay home and not really go out unless it’s something I want to do and if it’s not, then I just like to stay home,” said freshman Alexis Gallegos.

“I really don’t mind either option or choice. I just like to watch the movie for the story or understanding to build up my opinion about it. If it’s a good movie, then I’ll watch it again if it’s on a streaming service. If it’s a one-time thing at the theatres, I just say I went for the food and to hang out,”  explained senior William Everson-Claggett.

Here we have three different people. They all like to watch movies, but they do it differently. Ryan likes to go to the theatres, Alexis prefers to stay at home and watch it on a streaming service, and William enjoys both options. Whatever option you choose, it should be to your liking.

“What I like about going to the movie theatres is the relaxed ambiance of it. I go to the Alamo Draft House. It’s very nice and has a 50’s type of vibe when you walk in. When you do walk in, you look around and see old movie posters and posters for upcoming movies that will release soon. You can sit back in the nice reclining chairs there, and you can order food and drinks (my personal favorite is the milkshakes), and the way they capture the picture and sound of the movie is really nice. I highly recommend Alamo; it is a 10/10 place,” said freshman Jorge Lopez.

“I just like to stay home. When I watch movies at home, I like it because I can stay in bed and get comfortable. I can eat whatever is at my house or use Uber Eats to get something. If I don’t want to miss a really cool part of the movie, but I have to go to the bathroom I can just pause it, rather than have to wait till the end. If it is on any streaming service then I will wait because I’m more of an at-home type of person,” explained freshman Dennis Quintanilla.

Movies are movies, and everybody wants to watch them. Wherever you may want to watch them is up to you!

Tell us in the comments where YOU prefer to watch movies!