It’s Mariah Carey Season!

With the holidays right around the corner, not only do retail stores prepare but so is everyone else with their holiday spirit.

With the “defrosting” out of her year-round hibernation, Mariah Carey, a singer, songwriter, author, actress, and record producer pushed herself onto the music charts again; entering the 5th slot on the Billboard Top 100, in only 2 weeks. The nicknames “Queen of Christmas” or “Songbird Supreme” are just some of the many she has earned with her musical talent.

“Oh I love Mariah Carey, she’s so iconic,” An anonymous junior said with a scoff. “I can’t get enough of her when I hear her anywhere this time of year.”

“I hear her all the time during December,” Elias Blanco stated. “I don’t know much about her, but I do know she makes a big fat check every year during the holidays” he added.

With that singular 2009 song making about $3 million each year, sometimes more, she’s made more than $72 million with just one song. Luckily for Mariah, she’s done way more than just having her one Christmas song playing all over the world every year.

“She has even made a children’s book and a movie version of the song. She’s made this her thing. But what people tend to forget is that she has personally written most of her music,” Said Ms. Miller with a big smile as she grabbed her copy of the children’s book.

“She’s one of my favorite divas. I’ve loved her music since the 90s,” Ms. Miller started as she repositioned herself in a more comfortable posture, “I cried when I saw her at one of her concerts, it was truly soul-touching. I also listen to her music all year round, but All I Want for Christmas is my ultimate favorite. I highly recommend The Emancipation of Mimi as well, if you are looking for a Mariah album to start with. Her autobiography is also amazing and filled with the message of learning to accept your true self.”

Others don’t align with Ms. Miller’s opinion, while still others don’t know who the pop star is.

“Yeah, I’ve never heard of her…” Keyla Campos, a sophomore said with an awkward smile.

“How can you not know who she is? She’s the one that plays all the time in almost every single store you walk into during this time of the year. For a good two months, her vocals are all you hear.” said her friend, Vanessa Hernandez, who is also a sophomore.

“I hate song personally,” Kai Johnson, a freshman said. “I’m not a fan of the genre or the style, I hate hearing it all the time. The song irritates me since it’s played all the time during Christmas time. I wish they would play it less, maybe I’d like it more.”

“She isn’t even that good or talented,” Anthony Sanchez, a junior added. “Her music to me isn’t so “different” or has some sort of “out of this world” type of atmosphere when you hear her music. It’s so basic.” He said while he watched the World Cup on the big TVs in the cafeteria.

“She’s amazing,” began Genesis Chavez. “in both music and how her music is portrayed. That Christmas song is a banger, it’s enjoyable. People also seem to forget that she made that one song, what is it called?” she asks as she looks her up. We Belong Together. That song is so good too, she’s just so talented overall.”

Within all the opinions everyone has on her, there’s no doubt that she’s one of those female artists that were handpicked by luck (and talent) to have a single song that changed not only her life but every person who has ever heard her music.

Tell us your thoughts (in the comments) on hearing All I Want For Christmas Is You between classes right before the holiday break!