Cosmetology Students Bringing The Glamour

Osbourn High School offers many CTE classes; one of them being cosmetology. The cosmetology students learn the basics of working at salons and spas.

Cleverly, the students also learn chemistry, right down to the molecular level. The class is incredibly hands-on but sometimes students do bookwork, mostly for chemistry. Students need to know about chemistry because once they are professional cosmetologists, they need to have the knowledge if they are dying hair, for example.

“We basically do anything a salon would do: nails, haircutting, barbering, facials, skincare, and makeup,” said cosmetology students Carolina Diaz and Marissa Suchite.

The class is mainly hands-on. Students practice with their peers and with Ms. Dotivala, the cosmetology teacher. They practice shampooing, cutting hair, waxing, and nails. On Fridays, the students show off their new skills; practice isn’t restricted to only students in cosmetology classes, it is extended to family and friends. Students invite their family and friends to the school. For example, a family member of a student can be invited to Osbourn High School and get their hair, nails, waxing, and facials done by an OHS cosmetology student.

One of the students taking the cosmetology class stated how she likes the hands-on activities rather than the bookwork that they sometimes have to do. Chemistry plays a very important role in cosmetology and that is why they study with bookwork. “The practical part, where we have hands-on rather than bookwork, is more fun,” said cosmetology student Kymora Payne.

The main goal of taking cosmetology classes is to get the required number of hours for a cosmetology license. This allows students to work in a salon, or maybe even open up their own someday, just like Ms. Dotivala. “I’ve had my own salon and I’ve done things across the country,” said Ms. Dotivala.

According to Ms. Dotivala, cosmetology students need to have a good attendance record because to achieve your license, you need to have 840 hours before you can take your license test in the state of Virginia. Also, you need to have good grades; you need to be passing most of your classes. Once you are a senior in this program, you will be attending a double-block class. This means that you will have cosmetology twice every day. Having a double-block class helps students achieve the 840 hours needed for the certificate to be licensed as a cosmetologist. This program requires a lot of dedication due to the hours required.

“After they graduate students who complete this program can legally work in a salon with their cosmetology license,” said Ms. Dotivala. The reason students join the cosmetology program is that they want their career to be in cosmetology. 

The cosmetology students also compete with other schools. “We compete at the district, state, and national levels,” explained Ms. Dotivala.

Osbourn High School’s cosmetology program is an outstanding opportunity for aspiring cosmetologists.