Lunchtime In The Library? Pass, Please!

Here at Osborn, the option to go to lunch at the library is offered, however, you do need to sign up to go. The OHS library allows students to sign up and get a pass online until the cut-off at 11:00 a.m. on the same day as you plan on going. There is a link on the school’s website in the library section of the site, there is also a QR code available in the library that students can scan with their phones. Students that go to the cafeteria first to eat then are able to show a teacher that’s on lunch duty their digital pass to then be dismissed to the library for the rest of their lunch block.

“We started to have students sign up, so if they go to the cafeteria first they will have the pass on their phones to then be let out of the cafeteria to come to the library. Then to make it even across the board, we just have everyone sign up,” explained Ms. Cook, one of the librarians. 

With rules not allowing students out of the cafeteria once they enter, the digital pass allows students to go to the library once shown to a staff member on lunch duty.

The library’s rules for lunch periods follow the same rules that the cafeteria does, once you go in you can’t leave. If you want to eat lunch the same day you signed up to go to the library, you have to go to the cafeteria, eat, and then go to the library. Once you are in the library you won’t be let out to go back to the cafeteria, so don’t leave anything behind.  

“I don’t like that you can’t go to the library unplanned, you have to know if you are going to need to go to the library at lunch beforehand,” said Justin McNeill.

“I tried to go to the library once for lunch, but I didn’t sign up and was turned away. My friends and I had to go back to the loud cafeteria,” stated Kathrine Rivera. “Sometimes the cafeteria can get too loud, and not being able to go to the library as a way to escape makes me feel more confined,” she added.

Some students aren’t as excited to be able to have a pass that lets them out of the cafeteria. For the students who don’t go to the cafeteria and just go straight to the library, it can feel unnecessary. “It just adds the stress of having to remember to do it every day, and if you forget to get a pass before the cut-off, you have to go to the cafeteria. Which was the place people are trying to avoid in the first place,” Justin explained.

Whether it’s to get in some last-minute studying for your next class or to avoid the noise in the cafeteria and find some comfort in the library, be sure to plan ahead and have a pass!