iPhones or Androids: Which Phone Is Best Overall?

The Apple versus Android debate has been going on since they have both been released during the early 2000s. Since then, every individual who possesses a phone has something to say.

It has been said that Androids are far more advanced than iPhones and that all they do is copy feature after feature. Although iPhones have actually added features that Androids have, people are still so quick to defend their iPhones.

However, iPhones aren’t all that perfect. There are still some flaws that could use some improvement.

“I feel like iPhones should work on iCloud space. There are a lot of people who need it, but those people don’t have the money to pay monthly for it. So if iPhone made the amount a little more affordable it could help out,” said sophomore Laura Diaz.

“I don’t like that it’s easy to lose storage on iPhones and then it’s expensive to buy more iCloud storage,” said senior Riley Bittinger.

iCloud storage appears to be a downside with Apple. What is the downside that iPhone users have picked up on with Androids?

“I think Androids seem complicated and it’s harder to use. iPhones are more simple and easier to manage,” said senior Riley Bittinger.

“iPhones are easier to manage and less complicated. Androids seem to me like they’re more for work- like a business rather than actually just casually being on social media,” said sophomore Laura Diaz.

For someone who has had both iPhone and Android, what would they have to say while comparing and contrasting?

“I view them both as just two different types of phones. I don’t really side with either, but based on my experience with both, iPhones have better upgrades and little hacks. Androids last longer, have better structure, and you can drop them from a 2 story house, and they would still be fine. Texting is still better on iPhone it’s more clear and simple,” said senior Michell Galdamez.

How do people make the decision on which phone to get while looking into getting a new phone?

“My family are all iPhone users. It’s the reason I got the iPhone, also because you don’t get made fun of for having iPhones,” said sophomore Laura Diaz.

Now that you’ve seen iPhone users’ points of view on Androids. What do Android users have to say about some of the flaws that their phones may have? What can be improved?

“I don’t like that my phone overheats really easily. I watch a YouTube video or film a video of like anything really for 10 minutes and it feels like it’s going to blow up,” said junior Bill Maguire.

“I wish the camera quality wasn’t so bad when I record a video or take a picture of something in an app. The camera quality on the camera that comes with the phone is amazing but I wish any camera in an app was just as good,” said sophomore Grace Henderson.

What would they have to say about the iPhones?

“All of my friends have iPhones so I get teased for the phone I have. I just stand there and take it because, at the end of the day, they always end up with dead phones while mine still works, even then they are so passionate about their iPhones and they tease me still. I don’t see what the hype is about iPhones. It’s pretty looking but that’s it,” said junior Bill Maguire.

“I’ve thought about switching to iPhones because they have so many great features but their battery life and storage stop me from going through with it along many other things I’ve heard my friend who is an iPhone user complains about,” said sophomore Grace Henderson.