Holiday Movies: Which Ones Get YOU In The Spirit?

There are endless numbers of holiday movies that are now available on any device you want to watch them on. Holiday movies now stream on Netflix, HULU, HBO MAX, Peacock, and plenty more streaming services that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Some fans of holiday movies might watch them only when the time comes around for the “best time of the year” and others may think that there is no inappropriate time to watch holiday movies. Watching holiday movies with the ones you love is always a great bonding experience.

Most fans of holiday movies watch their favorites more than once or make it a tradition to watch every year. Since some may watch holiday movies sooner, they may get into the holiday mood earlier.

“My favorite holiday movie is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I feel comfortable watching the movie when it’s cold outside because it gets me in the holiday mood. Yes, the movie is special to me because I used to watch it a lot with my whole family and it’s a movie we can bond together over, with having great laughs,” said freshman Zoya Malik.

“What I remember is Noelle being one of my favorites. I think a quick summary of this movie would be that a girl named Noelle had a brother who was supposed to take over for their father, but she suggests he can take a break and she would take over. This is my favorite mainly because it’s the only one I remember watching and because it makes me happy. I’ve watched the movie twice, once with my brother and another time when my friends came over to my house,” said freshman Erin Choi.

A few might relate their favorite holiday movies to an old memory they have, or a really good time period of their life. The best time of the year is for making new memories, starting or making strong traditions, and enjoying the holiday times with friends and family.

“My favorite holiday movie would be The Muppets Christmas Carol because it’s funny, dumb, and the actors are wonderful and great. It’s a musical and has great songs in it that I love to listen to every year,” said freshman Zander Andres. “The movie is special to me because my brother and I watch it every Christmas; it’s more like a brother tradition for us to bond more,” Andres added.

“One of my favorites would be either Elf or Home Alone, maybe Elf to be exact. Yes, I do think the movie is special to me because I watch it with my family every year, and we have so much fun,” said freshman Alice Hertz.

The Polar Express is my favorite holiday movie because it’s comforting and it reminds me of my 6th-grade chorus class which was really amazing. I mainly watch the movie with my friends and family, which is becoming an exciting tradition for us,” said freshman Kunta Acharya.