The Most Magical Words Ever: Snow Day!

Only after having a couple of days off from school and even on breaks, it’s finally time that we get some snow this winter!! According to the long-range weather forecast website for Manassas VA, snow potential is strongest in late January and early February. And it will sure help us out that it is supposed to be really cold this winter too.

Snowy weather is a great time to sit back and relax and have a good time with family and friends. The aspects and realizations of snowy weather just bring that certain vibe to life that makes it feel good and comfy.

“I LOVE snowy weather! It’s a perfect time to drink hot cocoa and bundle up which is something unique that is only felt this time of year. It’s also fun walking up to knowing that you don’t have to go to school. And I think of when there is a blizzard! It was so fun a few years back when you could even go outside for like a week. THAT time was like no other,” said freshman Rome John.

There are many ways to make a snow day feel exciting, wonderful, and relaxing. A lot of activities come into play when a snow day occurs.

“My favorite activity to do during a snow day is going out with my friends and family to go sledding. The reason why I love to go sledding with my friends or family is that I have a great bonding time with the people I love. When the fun is over, I go inside and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm me up. Also, another activity I love to do during a snow day is play board games and watch movies with my family and friends, but the movies we watch are holiday movies when it gets closer to Christmas time,” said junior Emily Hudson.

“Usually when it snows I like to watch movies with my family to make my day feel more happy and more exciting, and I like to drink hot chocolate too. Or I would go outside and play with my dog. I also love sleeping in on snowy days to make me feel relaxed. Also if I am trying to make my day exciting, I usually just stay at home and watch movies. When I make chocolate chip cookies and chicken soup, it makes my day 100 times better! I play music in the house as well, it makes everyone really happy after. After I usually love to just chill out,” said freshman Yessica Corrales.

Activities are really fun and all, but some people may have their own traditions for making their snow days even better.

“My wife and I have a tradition of forming the first snow into a miniature snowball and bringing it to my cat for inspection. I try to shovel around my car as snow falls so I can get out faster — it depends on how much snow is on the forecast, though. I’m a big fan of snow, and I’m looking forward to the winter,” said English teacher Mr. Carroll.

“Just the prospect of snow makes me excited. You hear it on the radio, or from people talking at school; then, the weather becomes a source of great interest. Oh, the possibilities of an unplanned day off! Those are the days of catching up on housework and schoolwork (hey, it feels good when it’s done.) Even more exciting is a relaxing day of painting with music playing. I love watching the snow while sitting on my balcony and sipping coffee. Feeling free of obligations is amazing. Later, as the sun comes out, I start planning my strategy for digging out my car. I try not to get too excited before it’s called so that I’m not terribly disappointed. Expect the worst but hope for the best. Finally, when a snow day is called, I feel joy and delight!,” said Spanish teacher Ms. Moore.

What do YOU love about snow days? Tell us in the comments!