FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Facts and Predictions from OHS Soccer Fans


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Lusail Stadium

Every four years an event takes place that half the world watches. Over 200 countries attempt to qualify, but only 32 make it. This is the FIFA World Cup.  The 2022 FIFA World Cup will take place in 8 different stadiums in Qatar from November 20th to December 18th. It will be a great and memorable World Cup because so many big-name players will be in action, arguably the best players in the world like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar Jr.

Students that are excited about the World Cup have made predictions for this year’s event. “I’m so excited! Even though games will be played during school days, I can’t wait for November 20th,” said junior Michael Olguin.

The World Cup starts with 32 nations being split up into 8 groups, with 4 teams in each group. This is decided by a draw that was done earlier in the year. Only two teams make it out of the group stage, then we are left with 16 nations left in the tournament. After the round of 16, it goes to the final 8 which is the quarter-finals. Then follows the semifinals, which are the last 4, then the GRAND final which is the 2 teams left in the World Cup.

The final Of the World Cup will be in Qatar in Lusail Stadium, which has a capacity of 80,000 seats. This is the biggest stadium being utilized for the tournament.

Some fans have their own takes on who they think the underdogs are for the World Cup.

“I really think Canada has a good chance of making the semis; they are the underdogs,” said Yona Chavez. But Ivan Morales argued that Denmark is the underdog “No I think the real underdogs are Denmark. They have such a good team and good chemistry,” said junior Ivan Morales.

Soccer fanatics from OHS have different opinions on the different nations and how far they will go.

“Argentina, I think, is a great team that will make it to the round of 16, but they will be knocked out by a top-notch team,” said junior Amy Barrera. However, she thinks Brazil will go on to be the champions of the world. “Brazil will win the World Cup, I think, just because of how strong their team is.”

But before even worrying about the final we have to talk about the stages before.  “I think Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and France will make the semifinals,” says Olguin.

“France and Argentina will be in the final,” said Yona Chavez excitedly.

“Portugal is winning the World Cup, in my opinion.  Portugal and Argentina are making the final. I think everybody would want to see a Messi vs Ronaldo final because it is the last World Cup for both players,” said Nick Freeman.

The whole world can’t wait for November 20th at 11: 00 a.m., the official start of the World Cup. “I’m excited and happy.  I have waited so long for the World Cup and it’s finally here. Mark your calendars everybody,” said Ivan Morales.