Anime Reviews: Chainsaw man and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

There is a plethora of anime and manga all over the internet that people like to watch/read. Thanks to this I have been able to watch/read plenty of manga and anime so I can say I am well equipped to speak my mind about this topic. The 2 animes I will be reviewing will be Chainsaw man and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean.

These two are fairly recent and they both were heavily anticipated. Both of the manga were already incredibly popular with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (will be shortened to jjba for the sake of the article) selling roughly over 100 million copies sold at around 2016 with that number being even higher in recent years.

The premise is that we follow the family called “the Jostars” where we see their adventures at different ages from new England countryside in 1800’s to America female prison in 2011. We follow how the family members of each era battle the main villain. And a special coincidence is that every Joestar family member has a name that begins with Jo and ends with Jo . Hence the nickname JoJo; an example would be part 3 main protagonist: Jotaro kujo as name starts with Jo and ends with Jo. Part 6 Stone Ocean had an incredible first season that when it ended had me itching for more. The theme song and intro were also really good (especially the theme that was super good still on my playlist) and super catchy just like part 5’s intro as well. When watching season one being able to see the betrayals and other stands was super eye-catching. It was refreshing to see how the animators gave such expression and depth to the characters in the show.

Overall the first season was incredible and season 2 lived up to the hype and expectations I had. However, I will say there was less advertisement for season 2 compared to season 1 however none the less it was still a memorable experience and a great show. Considering that season 2 still had that same impact that the first one had was also a promising thing for it. Although the intro wasn’t as catchy as the first one I still enjoyed seeing how they were going to fight Pucci (main villain in this arc of the story) and how they were going to defeat the henchmen before him. Seeing them interact with one another as well and being very manga accurate is another incredible thing about the anime.

Overall I score it a 8.5/10 It was such a fun experience there were a few moments where it wasn’t interesting and drawn out but overall it was incredible. If you liked battle anime/manga that also involves plenty of trials and tribulation this is your next stop.

Chainsaw man is honestly one of the greatest’s manga’s I have ever had the pleasure of reading in the first place. It has such a rich and incredible story with some incredible visuals that just have such an impact on the reader when you first see them. The way it is drawn in a somewhat horror yet action/battle manga really give it the ability to creep you out while also expecting there to be an awesome and badass fight. The manga came out around 2017 to critical acclaim and was loved by so many. The way the story ended as well showed that the artist had a great time with the manga and the teaser saying there will be more made me even more excited when I finished it.

When they announced the anime being released this year around October I was stoked, and so were many others when they heard about the anime being dropped. Being able to see the main character and the others move around in animation is such an exhilarating feeling, its also done in such a fluid and well drawn manner with the animation studio MAPPA being behind it also was very promising (some of the animes they created were Evangelion, Jujitsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan and Kakeguri).

The main story behind chainsaw man is that there really isn’t. The main character just goes for whatever is the most convenient for him and leads to a comfortable life. Its about a character named Denji who lives in a world where devils exist due to the fear that humans have. The more that humans fear something the stronger the devil will be and the more chaotic it will be as well in turn. For example some people fear chickens in a deathly way therefore a chicken devil exists in the world. Denji is an orphan who has to work for gangsters to work of his father and mothers debt. He live in horrible and poor conditions and has sold multiple organs and his eye to earn some more cash. He meets up with a small devil that’s injured and makes a contract with it that if the devil helps him he will keep it alive. They fight small devils and earn money to deposit to the gangsters but it turns out they were using him and never really kept track of his debt.

They then reveal they made a deal with the zombie devil but overall get possessed and kill denji. He then merges with the devil by making a final contract but its mainly just friendship (the devil was a small chainsaw dog named poochita) and turns into chainsaw man. A devil and human hybrid who has a head of a chainsaw and arms of chainsaw as well. he goes on a massacre of the ex gangsters (now zombies due to the devil) and the zombie devil as well. It ends with him passing out and being found by Makima the female main character and somewhat love interest for Denji. Overall episode one was just incredible and seeing the scenes from the manga being fleshed out and with voice lines was a huge blast.

The other episodes as well were just super appealing and I don’t want to get into to much detail since it might spoil some of the story since the creator of chainsaw man has a great way of foreshadowing different things, it also give that excitement when you have a theory and it totally is correct or you see something shocking that surprises you completely. In conclusion being able to see chainsaw man in animation form and seeing the characters speaking and moving is honestly an incredible and surreal feeling. I felt like it would never become a reality but it did and just everything about it was just top notch. The gore, the fighting, the horror, the shock anything and everything about it was just insanely good.

I rate it 10/10 if you liked animes like Baki, Kengan Ashura and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure this is one you have to watch.