Halloween Costumes: The Good, The Bad, The Epic Fails

Halloween is coming up and it’s tradition to wear costumes some good, some bad. OHS has great stories about their best Halloween successes, worst fails, and a few costumes that deserve an award for creativity; from a walking tomato to a fairy princess to an Elsa-themed costume. So what are OHS students wearing this year?

“I want to be Forrest Gump this year because he’s a runner, he’s like a motivational person, and he’s in the spectrum,” said freshman Mathew Whitesell.

“This year I’m going to be Miles Morales from Spider Man: Into The Spider Verse. I saw a sweater on Amazon that looked cool, so I thought it would make a cute costume,” said freshman Paola Almazàn.

Not all costumes go according to plan; many times a costume can rip or fit in a way that isn’t as expected. They can turn out differently from what you’ve pictured in your head. OHS students have stories about costumes that didn’t go as planned, looked horrible, or just plain failed. So what are some of the students’ horrible costume catastrophes? 

“My least favorite Halloween costume was the pumpkin my parents made me dress up as when I was two. I felt like it made me look more like a peach than an actual pumpkin because of its shape and color — the orange looked sort of faded and it wasn’t even round,” said freshman Sarah Hill.

“It was supposed to be a Frozen-themed event and I was like in first-grade elementary, it had wings and a wand. It was very very glittery but first-grade me loved it. But now that I look back to the pictures taken that day, I hate how it looked, Because every time it’s Halloween I get reminded that I wore that ugly costume,” said freshman Jacqueline Biddier.

But what about all-time favorite costumes? There’s always that one costume that students love, where everything goes to plan or even better. So what type of costumes did OHS students think turned out amazingly?

“I absolutely loved dressing up as a tomato when I was like five, it was really, really great. I had a cardboard box I painted red with my parents. I cut holes in it and wore it with small green leaves that I tied on my head, and walked the whole neighborhood around like that. I think I also wore rainbow shoes with it. It was my favorite because I got the most candy that year,” freshman Eithne Witchardson said. 

“I was Iron Man three whole times on Halloween. I liked wearing my Iron Man costume because I have a lot of memories of the superhero and had lots of Iron Man-themed events, like birthday parties. Iron Man is the goat,” said freshman Mathew Whitesell.

“My favorite costume was my Moana costume from last year. Moana was my favorite because it was easy, and I didn’t need to do my hair,” said freshman Paola Almazàn.

Enjoy Halloween, everyone!