Hold On To Your Popcorn! It’s Scary Movie Season!

Halloween is just right around the corner, and it’s time to get excited! This is the time of year when some love to watch scary movies to get into the spooky Halloween spirit.

“Scary movies are my favorite. I like going to the theaters with friends; it makes my experience more fun. We love eating popcorn, candy, and even ice cream. I enjoy sitting in front of a big screen and watching all the action on a big screen,” said Samantha Hernandez.

“Scary movies are my favorite type of movie all year long. They relax me. On Halloween, I prefer watching scary movies at home instead of going to the theaters. I love making snacks and being creative with them. I love to make honey candy corn and caramel apples with Halloween colors. I at least watch 2-3 movies on Halloween night and enjoy every one of them,” said Makayla Knox.

“Michael Myer movies are the best Halloween movies of all time. He’s one of the best villains. I watch movies at home with my little sister on Halloween night. We make popcorn and go to the store and buy our favorite snacks such as candy, cookies, and chips. This year I’m going to the theaters to go watch the new Halloween Ends movie. It’s trending real hard. I have been dying to see it, so I’m planning on doing just that,” said Katie Ortega.

“I enjoy clown movies. They are my favorite because clowns are very mysterious. You never know what they have up their sleeves. I watched various clown movies and by far I can say I enjoyed “It” the most. The clown was the scariest part of the movie but hey! He made it so much more interesting. I watched it with my cousins on Halloween last year and I really liked it,” said Rachel Mendoza.

“I like scary movies, especially the ones about investigating unsolved cases. I have always enjoyed mysteries. I love to be challenged. I feel like every year I watch a TVseries about police cases instead of actually watching scary movies. I like to be different; I have a very unique taste in what I watch,” said Jayme Matheus.

Other OHS students do not like scary movies at all, for a variety of reasons.

“I don’t very like scary movies. I always jump out of fear because of all the scary actions. I’m a non-violent person when it comes to watching movies. On Halloween, I just watch what I normally watch every other day, and that’s soccer games. Sometimes my mom tries to get me out of my comfort zone and makes me watch a scary movie, but I just can’t stand it. I close my eyes every time I see somebody getting gutted up. My friends think I’m so lame because I’m no fun and watch no scary movies, but I personally don’t care. Maybe this year I’ll try to face my fears and watch a scary movie and see where it takes me,” said Jimmy Galvez.

Horror entertainment may help us to (safely) satisfy our curiosity about the dark side of the human psyche, especially during the Halloween season.  It looks like a lot of OHS students will be enjoying scary movies this year, and some might totally avoid them. Happy Halloween!