Osbourn’s Hallways: Stop the Blockage

“I just want to take a plunger and unplug the halls!”

With over 2000 students, OHS halls can get pretty crowded. Whether you’re heading from the second floor of the A-wing all the way to the JLC building, or just walking down the hall to get to your next class, it can be hard to get from one class to another. Even with 5 minutes, some students struggle to get from the opposite side of the building to another, and the new tardy policies make it all the more stressful for students.

“Last year I had a journey from the second floor A-wing all the way to the second floor in the JCL building,” said sophomore Emma Lindenfelser.

Emma added, “Everyone’s going to the same place, it doesn’t even take that long it’s just so crowded.”

While there is a natural direction in the halls, sometimes people can’t move through when the hallways themselves have too many people trying to get to one place at the same time. And many students have issues with getting to classes because of this.

“It’s hard for me to get to my guitar class because I’m coming all the way from the second floor on A-wing, and I’ll get in trouble for lateness,” said junior Haley Dawson

Freshman Sophia Vandivere said “I have to go from the art rooms upstairs to the second floor of the JLC building,” she said.

“Luckily, I walk fast enough to get there on time, but it’s a pain because I can’t do anything like talk to my friends. I just have to focus on walking there,” she said.

“I run into those groups of people that just stand in the hallway and plug it up, I just want to take a plunger and unplug the halls,” added Sophia.

Just like traffic, the school hallways have a very delicate flow that can be halted by too many people being in the halls, or even a couple of people stopping. And even after the original cause of the blockage can dissipate, it’s still very possible for the ghost of it to be present.

“Walk quickly, and it’s always faster if you don’t walk with people,” Emma Lindenfelser advises.

“Just walk as fast as possible, as much as it sucks you just might not have the time to walk with your friends, you just have to try and book it,” said Sophia Vandivere.

If you have to walk long distances, talking and walking might not work. Talking with someone can slow you or another person down. Most people only see certain friends in the halls and might not even get a chance to talk to them other than a wave.

Traversing the halls can be a difficult journey, but advice from others may help with getting to and from our classes at Osbourn easier. Be careful, and be mindful, and our hallways will end up better.