Advisory Changes: Do OHS Students Support Time Shift?

The new school year has begun and a lot of students are excited, anxious, and just overall happy to be back. However, with the new school year comes new school policies and new ideas that the school is trying to implement into the system. Just like last year, some policies have changed and some new ones have been added to try and make this year a good one and more organized.

However, some students feel like the old system was far better. Even with some backlash, the new school policies appear to be here to stay. However, even with it seeming unchangeable, students still have multiple things to say about it. Compared to last year, students are really liking the whole new look of some of the school bathrooms, but they are confused by the 15-minute rule as well as advisory being structured differently and at a different time.

Senior Gabriella Matamala thinks that the advisory times should be changed. “I don’t like that advisory changed from first thing in the morning to second period.”

Another student who shares the same opinion also spoke out. “I’ve noticed some changes in our schedules and policies, some of which I appreciate, and others I feel shouldn’t have been made. I do not like that advisory has been changed to in-between classes, rather than being our first block in the morning. I feel that our attendance in class is more important than our attendance in an advisory. Tardy people end up missing instructional class time now, rather than missing advisory and FLY time. I also dislike the strict enforcement of FLY time. Students are not allowed to use their computers during FLY time. This does not allow for them to do their work during advisory, which is the whole point of advisory for me,” said junior Manar Touzani. 

 “I’m in the camp of people who generally don’t care about the changes in the school. I can say I like the new bathrooms. The only thing that I would change is the bathroom rules for advisory. You can’t go to the bathroom for the first or last 15 minutes in a 35-minute block. That means you only have 5 minutes to go to the bathroom during advisory, and that can cause some major problems,” said senior Xander Ramirez.

Senior Angie Matamalla feels similarly. “I don’t like that advisory is changed to later in the day. It is inconvenient to have it during the first block and second block. I also do not like the fact that we have to wait until after the first 15 minutes and before the last 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. It is hard to go on the way to class because of distance and lines, and that adds another 5 minutes to the wait. So technically, I have to wait 35 minutes to use the bathroom,“ Matamalla said.

Some students have spoken, and it seems that it’s fairly constructive commentary toward the policies. At the end of the day, the school does what it deems the best fitting for the students and tries its best to make policies that are helpful to the learning environment that we all want.