Do TV Shows Impact Our Daily Lives?

There are a variety of things that make a dramatic impact on our lives each day, one of those happens to be TV shows. TV series are not just there to entertain people, there are many TV shows that will introduce someone to a whole different perspective. For a lot of people, shows can shape who they truly are on the inside and give them a much better knowledge and an extended inspiration!

A common habit a lot of people have is watching certain episodes from TV shows that will help them navigate difficult times in their life. For example, your lifestyle or the way you view particular issues may change after watching a new TV series. The show may give you a new eye that guides you to see something that you had not seen before.

“My all-time favorite TV show is Friends. I  really enjoy this show because it’s quite calming and funny to watch all these friends gathered around having fun. You get to experience and see them going through all the ups and downs together. Personally, I don’t think this show has drastically changed my lifestyle. But, something that definitely has changed after watching it is how I always attempt to keep all of the good and long friendships because you will need someone there for you while growing up and going through hardships,” said freshman Maya Lucero.

Someone’s lifestyle and the way they behave is definitely a subject that may change after watching something relentlessly. There are many who believe in the phrase “you are what you watch.” Individuals, at times, like to view their own lives as a scene from a TV show. They may attempt to manipulate themselves and others around them to earn an opportunity to act like a character from a certain show. Some series can help others read people after just meeting them.

“A TV show that changed the way I view things is Blue Bloods. When my mom and I first started watching it, I thought it was weird. But now it totally plays a role in the way I like to think. I love trying to read people’s emotions, and attempting to see if someone is lying or telling the truth. Another thing I learned is patience. Patience is key when trying to solve a specific case, but it is also important in many other day-to- day tasks. Patience is definitely something I practice and use every single day. This TV show is also what inspired me to study in the psychological field. I would strongly recommend this show to everyone and anyone,” said freshman Victoria Irizarry.

“One of my very favorites is Modern Family. Because the family they show us in this TV show always sticks together and loves each other and is always supporting each other, no matter what. I aspire to have this kind of relationship with someone in the near future. After watching this show, I have learned it is very important to have your family by your side. A lot of families go through good and bad things, but they should always stay together,” explained freshman Gwendolyn Boles.

Getting emotionally attached to a TV show and a character is also very common. 

“I recently started watching a new TV show which is called Euphoria. It talks a lot about high school drama and how teenagers go through a lot of hard moments. This show always reminds me how easy it is to be a teenager and smile through the day while actually going through the worst things. We see a lot of scenes that show how those teenagers navigate through their lives with their friends and partners, which I love. I would definitely recommend this show,”  said freshman Lily Lucero.

Plenty of students use watching a TV series to hide from the real world. Others study certain shows to be able to obtain a higher level of thinking. TV shows definitely do have an impact on our lives, in so very many ways.