Freshmen Form First Impressions

With this new school year starting in 2022, freshmen have come in with mixed feelings. Excitement? Stressed? Apathetic? All of these?

Every new school year is a fresh start from the last, students are learning from mistakes, making new friends, and expanding their knowledge. Upperclassmen know their way around this school; they know what not to do, and how to survive high school. But what about the brand new freshmen? How do they feel about this new start to their high school careers?

“The teachers were extremely patient with students that were late and were extremely helpful with where to go if you were lost. The people here are much friendlier and the teachers were super nice as well. Overall, the atmosphere is much better than I expected, due to how people talk about high school,” said Kai Johnson.

“OHS is very large compared to Metz. They have a lot more options at lunch, and we have a lot more time to get to class. They also have the best and most engaging teachers,” said Matthew Whitesell.

“We have a lot more time and freedom, and I like meeting new people in this school. And I am able to sit anywhere I like,” said Janisha Minas.

“Teachers are welcoming, but I got lost a lot. The counselors are pretty neat, they come to you instead of you going to them,”  explained Yannis Cervan.

Overall the freshmen are impressed and delighted with the outcome of this new start. They still have lots of learning to do, but they have lots of time.

Supportive upperclassmen are key to making freshmen feel at home, and they offer some excellent advice.

“In the end, you have to care about your grades. They don’t have to be the only thing you care about,  but make sure you find a healthy balance between your social life and academic life. It’s the one thing you won’t regret doing by the end of high school,” said sophomore Sofia Wojcik.

“Get good grades so that next year you won’t have to work twice as hard. Be responsible, and don’t skip because it makes your classes harder in the long run,”  said sophomore Cesia Ruiz Rodriguez.

“School isn’t your life. It isn’t everything. Find a hobby. Find something to be passionate about,” said sophomore Patrick Massey.

“You should focus on doing well academically, but also don’t limit yourself. Do as many extracurriculars inside or outside the school as you think you can handle. Try to figure out your interests and run with them. Eventually, you’re gonna have to know what to do after high school, so experiment while you have the time,” said sophomore Victor Robert Vero Bodine.

“Do your best! And don’t try to be cool because none of us really are,”  said 2022 graduate Nalin Theodore.

We’ve all been freshmen before and have been through some tough and embarrassing times that come along with that first year of high school. The best plan is to use those experiences to grow and learn from, and then move on to later successes.