Why Did We Change the Time of Advisory This Year?

At the start of the school year, the students at Osbourn High School were shocked to hear that the advisory schedule had been altered. The advisory was moved from being before the first block from 8:15 am to 8:47 am to being after the first block from 9:50 am to 10:25 am this year.

Ms. Skinker, who is in charge of all things advisory, provided some explanations as to why the schedule was changed this year.

“Advisory was always supposed to have been after the first block. Historically, that has been the case. We moved it last year because we were afraid that the bus driver shortage was going to impact our start times (busses making multiple runs and, therefore, dropping kids off late),” explained Ms. Skinker.

“Advisory is used for class remediation and enrichment on movement days. F.L.Y. Time is our version of sustained silent reading, which research has proven to improve students’ reading fluency and comprehension skills. The librarians and teachers are happy to help students find reading material that suits their reading level. Finally, advisory lessons are sometimes used to share information schoolwide. This allows us to ensure all students are hearing accurate and timely messages,” added Ms. Skinker.

Most of the students didn’t really like the new change in advisory; they felt like it was unnecessary and were initially unsure of why it was changed.

“I dislike this change and would like to change it back to its previous state. The earlier time gives students the chance to prepare for their first class. Furthermore, having an advisory first allows students to study for any tests or do homework. They can also use this time to relax and prepare for the rest of the day,” said Nida Khair Khawah, a senior.

“I don’t really like the new advisory schedule. Having it after the first block as opposed to before the start of school doesn’t really make sense. I also believe that fewer people are gonna show up now because of it,” said senior Lesley Segundo-Flores.

“I think the new advisory schedule is really bad; it throws everything off balance. Also, going to the opposite side of the school while my advisory is in JLC is very inconvenient,” said senior Valerie Gonazalez.

“I didn’t like the new advisory schedule in the first week of school because it confused me. I ended up going to my 3rd-period class every time after the advisory, but even now, I still don’t like it because I can’t even do any assignments or study like I used to last year in advisory before the first block. Also, it’s more of a struggle for me since I have an advisory in the JLC,” said Brenda Ochoa-Soto.

“It feels weird going straight to class at 8 in the morning, but at least it made it so classes end at a more “precise” time. It’s strangely put but, I think it has its benefits,” said Wilfredo Servellon-Carranza.

However, some students do like the new change in the advisory schedule; they said they like this decision that the school made.

“I enjoy the new advisory change because I work after school, and occasionally don’t have enough time to finish work or study. However I occasionally arrive late for advisory, so if I do that every morning I have less free time, therefore I prefer this change,” said senior Ashley Lopez.

Despite their feelings, the students must accept this change. Even though this change may be difficult for some, everyone should try to remain positive and see how it goes.