Baseball Spends Off-Season Building Skills, Recruiting Athletes

Even though it is currently the fall season for sports, baseball players are still practicing and getting that work in! The Osbourn baseball program provides fall season and off-season workouts and practices to help develop players and help develop team leaders as well. Coaches provide all sorts of practice types that are fun and help players improve their skills like hitting, throwing, fielding, and really all fundamentals skills.

The coaching staff plays a huge role in the program by helping players learn new skills, planning out what the strategy will be for practices, scheduling what days practices and workouts will be, and selecting what skills and drills players will go through during that time. And all of this coaching and planning really helps out the athletes in the program by creating an organized and challenging program.

“The skills and practice drills that help develop the baseball players at Osbourn can range from doing game situations to doing infield and outfield drills, or even doing simple fielding drills,” said junior Aidan Kiefer.

Making connections and building relationships with other athletes and coaches is an important aspect of most athletic programs and helps motivate people to get involved in the program. All of these things play a huge role in the Osbourn baseball program.

“I value the connections I am making: how I am growing with the team and being around other athletes and the coaches, and I am creating bonds with all of the players and athletes in the baseball program here at Osbourn,” said sophomore Lenell Evans.

“Meeting new kids and keeping connections with everyone is important. We can recruit other players by creating flyers and announcements that will help people in the school get involved with the baseball program,” said junior Reed Wilsher.

“More people talking about baseball can attract more athletes to the baseball program, and encourage more people to come out and play can attract as well, and make the baseball program better,” Said junior Braden Weeks.