Mixing Brands and Styles Lead to Original School-Day Looks

It’s the beginning of the school year and that means new outfits and fresh styles!

The most stylish people in the cafeteria have volunteered to share their opinions about their own beginning-of-the-year outfits.

Freshman Sarai Alberto believes that her comfy, stylish outfit is classic, which is what most feel about their stylish outfits.

I got this shirt from H&M and it’s called divided and I got my pants, headband, and scrunchie from Shein. My outfit is comfy because of my pants and I don’t feel like I inspire other people because to me it just feels like a very basic outfit,” Alberto said.

Junior Alisson Garcia originally planned to wear a different outfit this day, but she felt confident with her outfit choice.

“I actually planned to wear a totally different outfit today, but I created this outfit from pieces I found at Walmart, Hot Topic, and Target. I feel stylish in this outfit. I feel comfortable and my jewelry stands out and shows my personality. I feel like I can inspire people because I’m confident and I chose my look for myself and my interests,” Garcia said.

People do have their own fashion choices Freshman. Violet Morales believes that she doesn’t feel like she inspires anyone because people have their own fashion choices.

“I think this outfit was from Forever 21, and I got these shoes at Foot Locker. I feel comfortable with this outfit, and I don’t really feel like my look inspires anyone since people have their own original preferences,” Morales said.

Students should be comfortable being themselves and wearing what they want to wear, as long as it isn’t against the school dress code. Senior, Laura Hurtado believes that she can make people feel comfortable with their own outfits because she has the confidence to be herself.

 “I bought this outfit from H&M and Hollister because they have clothes that I could see myself wearing. I feel confident because it feels like me. I feel like I can make people feel comfortable with their own outfits if they see mine,” Hurtado said.

A ton of people in this school like Senior, Neveah Williams feel that their stylish outfits feel basic to them. This can just be a result of using the same type of fashion which people can relate to.

“I got these clothes from friends, Hot Topic, and H&M. I feel both comfortable and stylish when it comes to it. I kind of feel like I inspire people who look on my Instagram page. I don’t feel like I inspire other people, because to me it feels like a basic outfit,” Williams said.