Girls Basketball Athletes Focus on Skills and Mindset

Girls basketball players don’t just put in the work during the winter season. They are already preparing, both physically and mentally. To get ready for the basketball season there is a lot to be done: players are getting into shape, practicing their skills, and adjusting their mindset.

“[To get ready for the season] players need support and kindness from other people, and lots of exercise,” said freshman Celine Sakatan.

Similarly Adamaris Garcia said “Players need to sleep, eat healthy food, and keep in shape by running. Keeping in shape for the basketball season helps in the long run because you won’t just be starting to get in shape when the season starts; you’ll be all ready.”

“For girls to get ready for the upcoming basketball season, they should start conditioning and getting their bodies in shape. Girls should also continuously work on their skills. There is always room to improve” said senior and varsity basketball player Kymora Payne.

“The season doesn’t start for another few months, so you should get in touch with Coach Nguyen so she can let you know about workouts and when they are. The workouts are great for getting the team ready and getting yourself ready for the season,” explained sophomore Esther Nantume.  

Conditioning is a good thing, but what kind of conditioning is best for basketball players?

“I’d say a lot of leg workouts to help with running up and down the court and ability to jump higher. Also upper body workouts to help strengthen your arms to be able to shoot the ball. And ab workouts to be able to have good posture and to be firm,” said freshman Sarai Alberto.

Girls also have to work on skills like dribbling and shooting.”[I think the best kinds of exercises to get ready are] running and practicing shooting and dribbling,” said Sakatan. 

Once the season does start, players will have a strong support system in place.

The girls should look forward to having fun with one another. The team is sort of like a sisterhood; we help one another out, whether it’s academically or with basketball. We all make sure to help each other succeed,” explained Payne. And when the season does start, the girls as a team will be excited to show off their skills that they’ve worked hard to master.

The basketball season takes a lot of preparation, not just for coaches but for the players as well. “New players should be prepared to work and play hard because they are playing at a higher level,” said Payne.

For returners, they should be prepared to step up and become leaders for the first time players,” Payne added.

“Another thing you have to prepare for is your mindset. How are you wanting to come into the season?  You should  be confident and not compare yourself to others, you should be energetic and ready to work,” said Alberto.

In conclusion, the basketball season is coming soon, and the athletes will be ready.