New Stadium Field Creates Climate of Pride and Unity


Last year in May, Osbourn high school made a huge announcement that by August we would have a brand new stadium field. For athletes and spectators alike, this was a longtime dream.

Dreams came true on August 25th, when OHS hosted a ribbon cutting for the new and improved field. Attendees included school board members, central office staff members, alumni, and current students, teachers, coaches, and administrators.

Varsity football players (and coaches) who were the first to play on the new field in the season’s first home game say that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Varsity football player Victor Loanmen said “The football field inspires me to play better and play harder. I am honored to play for Osbourn.”

“We used to worry about wearing our white pants and getting grass stains, but with this new turf field, we will be stress-free! After practices and games we can also possibly rent out the field,” said Coach Modlin. 

“The field will draw a crowd to games. I feel like when the crowd is loud, the team really improves their performance. It makes us feel confident that we will win,” said varsity football player Chris Binet.

Not only is the new field for the Eagles it actually benefits everyone in the Manassas City community. 

“The new field is great for the boys, it’s great for the other sports as well, and it will help people to come together as a community to give the boys some support and enjoy the game,” said Coach Whiting.

“I was nervous at first, but hearing the crowd and being on the new field made me feel empowered to play like a beast,” said senior varsity football player, Ki’yon Boxley.

The field had a major redesign. The natural grass was replaced with synthetic grass, something many schools have already done. This synthetic grass, donning our school’s colors, is also durable and resistant to bad weather conditions. Along with the improved turf, the sound system and lights have also been improved. 

“The turf needed a makeover, It looks and feels very nice. The turf also gives our athletes an equal opportunity when they’re out on the playing field in other schools that have this type of turf,” said track and field coach, T.D Holsclaw.  

“I like the new turf. This new turf gives our athletes the ability to practice all year round, and it allows our athletes to get used to the turf at other schools,” said track and field coach Lauren Rose. 

Having this new field at Osbourn opens up so many new opportunities. As a school, we are thankful for this. The local community is also loving this improvement. The new field is a big advancement. It is truly grand and creates a new and overwhelming sense of pride and unity at OHS.