Shockwave: The Screaming Eagles Start The Year With An Amazing New Show


After hours of practicing in the hot summer sun, the Screaming Eagles Marching Band officially performed their 2022 show, Shockwave, on August 25th. It lasted over 6 minutes and consisted of a drumline, color guard, woodwinds, brass, and front ensemble, all giving their best and showing their hard work off to the entire stadium full of spectators.

“This year’s show is a lot more complex, so it gives the band an opportunity to grow as a whole,” said sophomore Ava Grant.

This year’s show was more challenging because of the director’s specific vision of it. 

“This show is one that’s arranged originally for marching bands, which lets us have smooth transitions between movements and a more cohesive show overall. That gives us new challenges, like quick tempo transitions, which we haven’t done before, but they are more seamless than in previous shows. Because recruitment was easier for this year, the band is also much larger, with a higher proportion of rookies. This brings its own challenges, but it’s always great to see people learn, grow, and love the activity,” said drum major Walter F Seaberg IV.

The show was well-liked overall by the audience and the band received a lot of praise after that initial performance. It started slowly but then developed into a beautiful and coordinated show.

“I loved watching all of my friends play; I felt like a proud mom. I was even cheering really loudly which made people tell me to be quiet. I loved the lights, color guard, seeing the marchers make shapes. It looked so cute and coordinated; it was all in sync and looked so perfectly in time,” said student audience member Aziza Zarrincalaki.

The show was written and composed to be appealing to both audience members and judges. For the show to be appealing, the drill also had to look alluring, just like the music. 

“Ultimately when I’m writing the drill, I am planning for judges to see it, but keeping in mind that the band will be performing this show to many different audiences, so I focus on those impact moments that everyone will be able to react to, and the band will be able to shine while performing,” said Mr. Newman, the drill coordinator.

The members of the band enjoyed the show as well, even though they didn’t get to watch like the audience members, they liked the music choices and just being able to perform. 

“My favorite part of the show is the third movement, from around halfway to the end. It’s my favorite part because it feels the most heavy and dramatic,” said junior Johnathan Wehner.

No matter the beginning or end, the show was only able to be performed because of the hard work and dedication of the members. With the season starting off on a great note, we can’t wait to see what the Screaming Eagles Marching Band has left in store! You can see the Screaming Eagles Marching Band’s new show at every home football game or at their competitions. The Screaming Eagles have upcoming competitions on the following dates: September 16th and September 24th.