Are You Among Us ?

Clara Hernandez-Figueroa


Among us was published June 15, 2018 and made by American game studio InnerSloth, although its popularity recently arose in 2020.

“It’s a ‘who done it’ type of video game on mobile and PC,” said sophomore Jason Giron. The game consists of ten workers that have to fix up their base or ship depending on the map. And among them one or more of them are imposters trying to kill the rest of the team. 

“It’s a game I play with my friends,” said senior Crispi Reyes. All types of people, all over the world are playing this game on a daily basis. Not only is the game supper accessible but can be played anywhere with internet. 

“I enjoy playing mostly because it gives me a chance to play with friends and it’s fun trying to figure out who the imposter is,” said junior David Rivas. The game allows crewmates to chat with each other to try and figure out who the imposter is among the crew. 

“People were posting about it on TikTok,’’ said sophomore Elizabeth Cruz. This game was being talked about and posted about everywhere, from YouTube to Twitter to simply word of mouth. 

“It’s popular and fun to play, free on mobile and I like being able to play with my friends,’’ said sophomore Luis Reyes.