Osbourn’s Take On “Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery”

Osbourn’s Take On “Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery”

Elizabeth Ledesma

This fall, Osbourn High School theatre students and participants will be performing one of Sherlock Holmes most popular murder mysteries. Turned into a playwright and written by Ken Ludwig, “Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery”, follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson while they investigate the murder of Charles Baskerville. Will Sherlock Holmes be able to pinpoint the murderer or will it be a lost case?  Unfortunately, the play will be over zoom rather than in person this year to ensure everyone’s safety. But, hopefully, that won’t change your opinion on attending it or not. Here are the list of students participating in it in case you are curious:

  • Kylee Donavan as Sherlock Holmes
  • Marco Seaberg as Doctor Watson
  • Vicora Hanback as Dr. Mortimer, Victor, and Mrs. Lyons
  • Jacquelyn Hertz as Man With Black Beard, Lucy, and Mrs. Barrymore
  • Naomi Ho as Conductor, Wilson, and Mrs. Hudson
  • Elizabeth Ledesma as Sir Hugo, Trap Driver, and Doctor Mccann
  • Will Letos as Sir Henry and Sir Charles
  • Natalie Shelton as German Maid and Miss Stapelton
  • Kaylean Tate as Shepherdess, Nurse Mallory, and Farmer
  • Ryan Wescott as Milker, Desk Clerk, and Stapelton
  • John Fath as Daisy, Bradley, and more 

(Stage Directions and additional characters are split among the cast)

Come out and see some of your hardworking theatre kids on the following November nights: the 20th and 21st at 7PM and the 22nd at 2PM.  As well, consider trying out for the musicals and plays in the future. It is a chance to make new friends and become more involved in school. It truly is an amazing experience. Lookout for a zoom link later on. Hope to see you there!