Impact of COVID on teenage mental state

Stress by topgold is licensed under CC BY 2.0


“Stress” by topgold is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Alexandra Brock and Elizabeth Ledesma

(Elizabeth’s side)-

Mental health is being affected for every teenager due to COVID. I have experienced this first hand. At the beginning of the school year, my mental state was already poor. I was losing friendship after friendship. Also, that summer I broke up with my first boyfriend, and following all these events I learned that the marching band was canceled this year. How could one teenage girl handle that? The answer is, she can’t. 

Not being with my band family and breaking up with my first love wasn’t easy. So many difficult things happened in such a short amount of time it made my mental health poor. I had barely any time to process, but it got even worse once school started. Not even the second week in and I was studying for quizzes then doing five hours of homework each night. I had zero free time, I mean none whatsoever. My life outside of school? Gone. Wanted to hang out with my friends? Nope, I had school work. Wanted to watch anime? Nope, I had school work. Wanted to read a book? No. Can you guess why? You get the point. Sometimes I couldn’t get my school work done in time so my grades started to slip. 

I understand being a sophomore in high school with honors classes and one AP class, you are expected to do a lot of school work. But do you think I should be in tears because I can’t get my school work done? But, I hope you would put yourself in my shoes. Teenage years are already hard enough and it’s the time when we are supposed to be branching away from our families. Unfortunately, we are stuck at home while the rest of the world goes back to normal. This is leading to teens’ mentality to slip. I know mine is at least. But, take Alex’s experience as well.

(Alex’s side)-

 Personally, the workload at the beginning of the year was very stressful. Eight or nine assignments a night is too much. It may or may not sound too bad, but I still have a life outside of school. Not to mention my day is full of interruptions when I’m in school, so it is kind of hard to buckle down and focus. 

I am a freshman in all honors and one AP class, that alone is difficult to juggle. I’m not trying to complain and claim that the world is against me; I am just saying that it gets to be overwhelming. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for the kids in integrated classes and the upperclassmen. They probably have the same, if not more, work and from my point of view it’s probably harder. I’m hardly managing now even with the teachers cutting the amount of homework down. 

I don’t work well online. There are too many distractions, too many interruptions, and too many things messing up my focus. These things cause me to get confused and fumble my work, and when I get a questionable grade I start to worry about all my other grades. I worry about if I will fail, then I begin to worry about everything else on Earth. Maybe I’m wrong but, aren’t I a little young to be so stressed out? I’m aware high school is supposed to be difficult, but that doesn’t ease my mind anymore. 

I feel as if teachers wouldn’t give nearly as much work if we were face-to-face and that I would worry a little less and focus a lot more. I’m not sure how the rest of the student body is handling this but, I can speak for a portion of the student body I’ve discussed this with when I say this is nerve racking as heck. I’m worried about my grades and if they’ll get better or not and if I will finish my assignments by midnight or not. 

Perhaps others are doing just fine, but while they are I’m not. I’m stressing out racking my brain trying to figure out a game plan to use, so I can get my life together. I’m not trying to complain here, I just wanna share my side of the story, and maybe see if anyone understands where I’m coming from. Overall, mental health is affecting every teenager’s mental health. At least both of ours.